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SilverStone ST70F-ESB 700W Strider Series

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SilverStone ST70F-ESB 700W Strider Series

Modular power supply SilverStone ST70F-ESB 700W Strider Essential is very quiet on idle (18 dBA). It is made from high-quality parts and thanks to it the PSU may work in operating temperature up to  40°C without shutdown (24x7). It has 80PLUS Bronze certification which ensures that the efficiency will not drop below 82% at 20-100% load . The PSU also supports multi-core Intel and AMD processors as well as modern high-performance graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD production.

On 12V rail, this model offers maximum current output of 52.5 A, which makes it very convenient for computers with high-end graphics cards or a pair of mid-range cards. Four PCI Express connectors are included. You will appreciate its compact design with minimum depth of 140mm. Strider Essential, as well as any other high-quality PSU, is equipped with active PFC correction and multiple protection of the connected equipment.

Additional information:

Connectors for FDD drive: 1x (cable length: 1 x 105cm)
Connectors for hard drives and other drives: 3x (cable length: 1 x 60cm, 75cm 1x, 1x 90cm)
SATA connectors: 6x
Connector for graphics card: 2x 6+2 pin, 2x 6 pin, cable length: 2x 50cm, 1 x 65cm

Maximum current consumption:
Max. load for +3.3 V branch: 22 A
Max. load for +5 Vsb branch: 2.5 A
Max. load for the +5 V branch: 22 A
Max. load for branch-12V: 0.3 A
Max. load for +12 V branch: 52.5 A

Extended Protection:
Over current protection
Over power protection
Over voltage protection
Under voltage protection
Over temperature protection
Short circuit protection

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Performance and format

Performance 700 W
Format ATX


Features and functions Active PFC, Power switch


Certification 80 PLUS Bronze
Performance 82 %


Connectors ATX 24 pin, CPU 8pin / 4+4pin
Number of PCI express 6-pin
Number of PCI express 8-pin
Number of serial ATA 15-pin
Number of molex HDD 4-pin
Number of molex FDD 4-pin

Cooling system

Fan size 120 mm


Width 150 mm (15 cm)
Height 86 mm (8.6 cm)
Depth 140 mm (14 cm)
Weight 1.85 kg (1,850 g)
Code:  UB090e2c
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  SST-ST70F-ESB v 2.0
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