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SilverStone ST70F-ESB 700W Strider Series

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SilverStone ST70F-ESB 700W Strider Series

Modular power supply SilverStone ST70F-ESB 700W Strider Essential is very quiet on idle (18 dBA). It is made from high-quality parts and thanks to it the PSU may work in operating temperature up to  40°C without shutdown (24x7). It has 80PLUS Bronze certification which ensures that the efficiency will not drop below 82% at 20-100% load . The PSU also supports multi-core Intel and AMD processors as well as modern high-performance graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD production.

On 12V rail, this model offers maximum current output of 52.5 A, which makes it very convenient for computers with high-end graphics cards or a pair of mid-range cards. Four PCI Express connectors are included. You will appreciate its compact design with minimum depth of 140mm. Strider Essential, as well as any other high-quality PSU, is equipped with active PFC correction and multiple protection of the connected equipment.

Additional information:

Connectors for FDD drive: 1x (cable length: 1 x 105cm)
Connectors for hard drives and other drives: 3x (cable length: 1 x 60cm, 75cm 1x, 1x 90cm)
SATA connectors: 6x
Connector for graphics card: 2x 6+2 pin, 2x 6 pin, cable length: 2x 50cm, 1 x 65cm

Maximum current consumption:
Max. load for +3.3 V branch: 22 A
Max. load for +5 Vsb branch: 2.5 A
Max. load for the +5 V branch: 22 A
Max. load for branch-12V: 0.3 A
Max. load for +12 V branch: 52.5 A

Extended Protection:
Over current protection
Over power protection
Over voltage protection
Under voltage protection
Over temperature protection
Short circuit protection

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Performance and format

Performance 700 W
Format ATX


Features and functions Active PFC, Power switch


Certification 80 PLUS Bronze
Performance 82 %


Connectors ATX 24 pin, CPU 8pin / 4+4pin
Number of PCI express 6-pin
Number of PCI express 8-pin
Number of serial ATA 15-pin
Number of molex HDD 4-pin
Number of molex FDD 4-pin

Cooling system

Fan size 120 mm

UK Localisation Message


Width 150 mm (15 cm)
Height 86 mm (8.6 cm)
Depth 140 mm (14 cm)
Weight 1.85 kg (1,850 g)
Code:  UB090e2c
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  SST-ST70F-ESB v 2.0
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