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SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM for Nikon

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Excellent design, quick sharpening
Known probllém firmware Sigma vs. Nikon - ceases to function timer preview photos, pictures lit all the time, you must turn off
Good quality converting drawing
After the case for zosucha howl sun visor easily and you lose it
If we compared the Cisco framerate quality linen, artwork and color-administered and subjectively by rubbing the lens prevail over 2.5x, more expensive Nikon 17-55. At 50 mm and 35 mm made according to MNA at f2.8 photo more beautiful than those lacne Solid plastic glass with f1.8. The lens has a quality travel bush, behind which some firms to inquire 20+ EUR when sold separately. Ma "lock" switch, a stranger in the transmission is locked and da nevysuva a zoom. It is relatively difficult, but for me it's a plus, ideally distribucia pulling in hand. Solid processing Fast autofocus - namely a vela may know to refuse, but compared to Tamron's how to compare gasoline engines with dieslom. This lens will be glued to the camera, I had to stack it long ago.
Behold a whole new Nikon D7200 are reflected in errors, such as. To switch to live view finder means that popis freezes the display remains glow with the last preview page, cameras can not even turned off, remove the battery to be 50mm f2.8 had a little breath of Magpie , exerts a slight Vignette. But the lens profile correction in Lighroome with team offers.
constant aperture throughout the range of the focus speed
You can not manually adjust the focus while the autofocus
Reliable quality in outdoor Situations from Sigma (Better Choice Than Tamron)
less light in most of the times, misses the focuspoint