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Shiatsu Massage Devices

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Beurer MG 147 - Massage Device
Special Offer
Beurer MG 147
In stock > 5 pcs
Massage Device - Shiatsu massage, 4 rotating Shiatsu massage heads, optional direction of head rotation, removable and washable cover
BEPER 40501 - Massage Device
BEPER 40501
In stock > 5 pcs
Massage Device - Home massage pillow, 4 massage nodes, counterclockwise and clockwise, dual use: in the car and at home (including adapters), automatic shutdown after 15...
Ecomed MC-81E - Massage Pillow
Ecomed MC-81E
In stock > 5 pcs
Massage Pillow - Shiatsu massage cushion for the neck, shoulders, back and legs, 4 massage heads, heat function, 12W
Medisana NM860 Shiatsu - Massage Device
Medisana NM860 Shiatsu
In stock > 5 pcs
Massage Device - Shiatsu massage, 4 massage heads, 2 intensity levels, infrared warming light, 18W
Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H - Massage Cover
Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H
In stock 3 pcs
Massage Cover - for back and shoulder massage, natural touch gel heads, 12 massage settings: shiatsu/rolling massage/zonal massage for whole/upper/lower back and shoulders...
Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGP-1100H - Massage Cover
Special Offer
Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGP-1100H
In stock 1 pcs
Massage Cover - multifunctional pad, improved massage style, natural touch gel heads, universally usable on shoulders/neck/back/buttocks/feet, heating option, remote control...
BeautyRelax Acupressure Mattress - Massage Device
BeautyRelax Acupressure Mattress
In stock > 10 pcs
Massage Device - 6000 fine tips, provides relaxation
HoMedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1300H - Massage Cover
In stock 2 pcs
Massage Cover - for back massage, improved massage style, natural touch gel heads, 10 settings: Shiatsu / roller massage / point massage; for whole back/ upper/lower back...
Medisana FM888 - Massage Device
Medisana FM888
In stock > 5 pcs
Massage Device - Intensive reflex massage of the feet, 2 massage programs, air pressure massage of the toes with 2 intensities, convenient size - suitable for size 46, heat...
BEURER MG320 - Massage Cover
In stock 1 pcs
Massage Cover - SHIATSU, pressure massage function, body scan, 3 massage areas, adjustable massage roller width, massage area selection, vibration massage, washable cover, 4...
Medisana FM885 - Massage Device
Medisana FM885
In stock 1 pcs
Massage Device - Shiatsu foot massage, Finger pressure massage with three intensities, heat function with red light, 28W
Beurer MG 300 - Massage Chair
Beurer MG 300
Ordered on request within 4 days
Massage Chair -
HoMedics 2v1 SensaTouch Shiatsu BMSC-4600H - Massage Device
HoMedics 2v1 SensaTouch Shiatsu BMSC-4600H
Ordered on request within 4 days
Massage Device - shiatsu, for back, shoulder and neck massage, optional heating, remote control
Beurer MG 520 - Massage Device
Beurer MG 520
Ordered on request within 10 days
Massage Device - Massage Shiatsu pillow for muscle relaxation and regeneration after sports performance, universal use: shoulders, neck, back and legs, 4 rotating massage heads...

Shiatsu Massage Devices

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