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Sennheiser GSX 1000

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Sennheiser GSX 1000

Do you want to play or relax with movies and music with top-notch sound? The GSX 1000 Headphone Audio Amplifier was created primarily for gaming, It is also the first component of this type with Surround Sound to have a Sennheiser Binaural Rendering Engine. The ground-breaking 7.1 Virtual Surround Algorithm was developed with the needs of professional gamers in mind. You will feel totally immersed in the space by the sound. You'll be able to locate the enemy and survive with ease. 

Key Features

  • Exceptional immersion - delivering outstanding audio performance
  • Surround Sound Reborn (7.1 Sennheiser Binaural Rendering Engine)
  • Stylish driver and high-quality materials for long trouble-free operation
  • The ability to set up game and communication sound independently
  • Listening in headphones or speaker without cable relay
  • Support for 24-bit HD stereo (Windows or OS X)
  • Set your own voice in the game
  • Select EQ profiles clearly on the display (saving 4 popular profiles)

According to Your Needs 

The GSX 1000 has been designed to be the heart of your gaming sound, with a dedicated DAC chip that requires no additional drivers. The amplifier gives precise control of both game and communication sound, allowing for separate adjustment and USB inputs for each. The amplifier gives you perfect control over the game sound and you also control communication with your teammates. Besides the range of EQ settings, it is also possible to set Reverberation levels to change how the user feels in physical spaces of the game.

Nice and Practical

The amplifier panel has been designed for easy orientation in an emotion-packed gaming world. The look with red LED lights and aluminium ring is based on the design of racing cars and airplane cockpits to give you an immediate overview of the sound settings. The stylish and durable GSX 1000 features an intuitive LED touch panel and aluminium volume ring for rapid fingertip control of your sound, Also, these audio processes do not burden the CPU. The red on black display dims down when not in use to cut the distractions, and brightens the instant it senses your hand is near. It allows you to instantly adjust the Sidetone to change how loud your own voice sounds, and to switch between headset and speaker sound without unplugging cables.

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