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Sencor SSS 3200 KIDS

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Sencor SSS 3200 KIDS

Design-conscious young people will love taking this Sencor portable speaker with them to small parties, whether at the beach or indoors. Your children can take the loudspeaker to the park or take it to their friends' homes. Of course, the kids can just use them at home to play their favourite music. One mid-range and one treble speaker with a maximum power of 30W take care of the quality sound. Together with the speaker in the box, you can find a charging adapter, a 5-metre microphone and a textile strap for carrying the speaker more comfortably.

Bluetooth reproduktor Sencor SSS 3200 KIDS

The Sencor SSS 3200 KIDS provides a comfortable remote control

The battery allows for up to 5 hours of playing time. You get 15 metres of connection distance to a Bluetooth source. You can therefore comfortably move from room to room, whether from the kitchen or workroom to the garden. It is also possible to connect the device to the microphone via a 3.5mm jack or insert a memory card and a USB flash drive.

Speaker combines both Practical and Original Features

The design of the entire Sencor SSS 3200 KIDS speaker has been conceived in a playful and creative spirit. It will stand out as a decorative element in every child's room. The speaker is illuminated by multicolour LED lights for bringing the right party atmosphere to your room or the party with your friends. It is easy to carry the speaker from room to room with the plastic handle on top. All the control buttons, slots and a practical display are on the side. 

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System type

System type Active
Number of channels Separate speaker

Other connections

Connection type 3,5 mm Jack, AUX
Wireless features Bluetooth
USB 1 ×

Audio transmission

Bluetooth version 3.0


Number of bands 1-band

Features and functions

ARC Microphone
Radio FM
Control Display


Battery capacity 1,800 mAh
Playback time 5 hr(s)


Total weight 3.5 kg


Usage For mobile, Party

System type

System type Separate speaker
Active/Passive Active (independent)
Mechanics without mechanics
Features and functions Portable, Display, Microphone, Radio


Technology Bluetooth
Outputs 3.5 mm Jack, 6.3 mm Jack, USB, Other


Overall performance 30 W
Frequency from 100 Hz
Frequency to 20,000 Hz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Number of bands 1-band

Speaker dimensions

Speaker width 420 mm
Speaker height 290 mm
Speaker depth 205 mm


Bluetooth version 3.0
Code:  JN400i5
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  SSS 3200 KIDS
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