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The Iron SENCOR SSI 5700VT is a perfect choice for everyday ironing and when you have a big pile of clothing to deal with. With its 2400 W performance, the iron can instantly heat up to the right operating temperature. The iron features a durable and very sleek ceramic soleplate surface, which is great for ironing even the most delicate fabrics. Its 25 g/min steam output allows you to quickly and easily iron common, everyday fabrics. This model will also come in handy for vertical steaming, which will smooth out, remove all creases and freshen them up. Another useful feature is a spray function. The steam iron is great for ironing a large amount of clothing, since it eliminates the need to constantly refill the water in the 270 ml water tank. For ease-of-use, the SENCOR SSI 5700VT is equipped with a 1,9 m long power cable.

SENCOR SSI 5700VT Key Features

  • Ceramic soleplate for smooth gliding while ironing
  • Steam output 25 g/min
  • Cable length - 1,9 m

SENCOR SSI 5700VT Iron Extra Functions

The Anti-Drip system protects your garments when ironing silk and other delicate fabrics at low temperatures, since most steam irons are liable to drip water. The soleplate doesn't require much maintenance due to its self-cleaning feature that repels stains and dirt.


Iron type

Iron type Steam


Features Vertical steam, Self-cleaning, Anti-drip system, Spray function


Soleplate material Ceramics
Steam output 25 g/min
Power consumption 2,400 W
Reservoir volume 270 ml
Cable length 1.9 m


Colour White, Violet

UK Localisation Message

Code:  SENSS688
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  SSI 5700VT