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Sencor SBD 1470

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Sencor SBD 1470

The Heart is one of the most important organs in our body and it is necessary to take care of it properly. More than once in your life, each of you will be dizzy, or not be able to fall asleep or sweat excessively. These all could be symptoms of poor blood pressure. Digital pressure gauge Sencor SBD 1470 can be placed on the wrist and help you diagnose your pressure in the comfort of your home.

You only have one heart

Our heart is very precious and we need to appreciate it and give it all the necessary care in the form of healthy eating habits, plenty of movement, sleep and a healthy lifestyle. The heart works 24 hours a day and adult heart processes 300-360 litres of blood every hour.

Low pressure

In the case of low pressure, there can be problems with blood flow to the brain and brain oxygenation. The primary symptoms were recognised as fatigue, sleepiness, weakness, headache or cold hands or feet. However, you can help yourself at home by  drinking large amounts of fluids, the best is black tea with sugar, getting up slowly, or you can use more vitamin C in your diet.


Enough is enough and this is true even for high blood pressure. If you notice having headache, fatigue, difficulty sleeping or excessive sweating, you are likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, stop smoking completely and limit your intake of salt and fat.

Measure the pressure

The pressure meter Sencor SBD 1470 features a well-read display that provides an easy and accurate reading. The device has high accuracy of the measured pressure and heart rate. It also has premium features such as a warning indication of any cardiac arrhythmia or the ability to store up to last 60 measurements in its memory.

The type of the pressure gauge:
Designed for:
Easy measurements at home
Additional features:
Measured systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart pulse
Graphic resolution of elevated pressure (mild/moderate/severe hypertension)
Warning of cardiac arrhythmia
Adjustable pressure cuff 13.5 to 19.5 cm
Large LCD display (31 x 44 mm)
Memory for 60 measurements (for 1), including a record of the date and time of measurement
Automatic pressurization and deflate the cuff
Oscillometric measurement method
Choice of units of pressure (mmHg or kPa)
Warning when shaking the wrist during measurement
Low battery indication
Automatic fault diagnosis is a display on the LCD display
Auto power off (after 1 minute)
Retention of records stored in memory even after replacing the batteries
Pressure 0-300 mmHG
Pulse 40-199 beats/min.
Measurement accuracy:
Pressure +/- 3 mm Hg
Pulse +/- 5%
2 x AAA batteries
Dimensions without cuffs:
68 x 75 x 31 mm
106 g
The package includes:
2 x AAA batteries

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Type On wrist
Cuff for mac. circuit 19.5 cm
Accuracy of pulse measurement 5 %
Accuracy of pressure measurement 3 mmHg


Function Automatic shutdown, Arrhythmia detection, Graphical pressure representation, Low battery indication, LCD display, Memory


Interface NO
Code:  EAZ2091a
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  SBD1470
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