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The SENA SMH5 Intercom delivers safe and reliable communication when you're riding your motorbike with another biker or when your friend is right behind you. Are you having mechanical trouble and need to stop? Let them know without any crazy gestures. The intercom includes a mic exactly for this purpose. The sophisticated SENA SMH5 bike intercom is designed for bike-to-bike communication of 2 motorcyclists using the same device, at a range of up to 0,4km. Now you can ride safely and discuss the latest sports match results at the same time.

SENA SMH5 Intercom Key Features

  • Delivers a safe communication link for 2 motorcycle riders or between the rider and their passenger
  • Bluetooth technology with a range of up to 0,4km
  • Can also be used as a motorcycle handsfree kit - just use Bluetooth to connect it to your mobile phone, GPS system, or a MP3 player
  • Simple controls using buttons on the intercom or voice control
  • Crystal-clear audio with noise cancellation
  • Talk time 8hr(s)

SENA SMH5 Intercom Give You a Safe and Clear Communication Link

The devices transmit the signal using modern Bluetooth technology, so pairing them is a piece of cake. Installing the intercom into your helmet is also very simple. Do you prefer to travel alone, with nothing but the road and scenery all around you? The SENA SMH5 Intercom has your back. The wireless intercom also serves as a motorcycle handsfree set. This means you can cruise through the streets and take calls at the same time, listen to the directions from your GPS, or simply fire up your motorcycle riding playlist on your music player. Controlling it is very easy — just use the buttons on the intercom, though you may prefer the supported voice control. You may also appreciate the fact that the SENA SMH5 gives you up to 8hr(s) of talk time on a single charge .


Features and functions

Functions and features Noise reduction
Weight 40 g


connection type Bluetooth



Colour Black


Maximum reach 0.4 km

Call length

Call length 8 hr(s)

Features and functions

Equipment and functions voice control , Noise reduction
Weight 40 g

Number of devices

Max. device number 2
Code:  Moto12035
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  M143-012