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Segway® PT x 2 SE

€9,008.85 without VAT

Segway® PT x 2 SE

Do you wish to explore the hiking trails, hilly terrain, or even the beach, but you do not want to walk? The new personal transporter Segway x2 will take you wherever you wish. It provides higher performance with minimal impact on the environment. It is equipped with tires with robust mudguards, lithium-ion batteries, and specially tuned software. This combination means it can handle any terrain.

Key Features

  • Suitable for any terrain except city sidewalks
  • Range up to 18km
  • Max. speed of 20km/h
  • Low-pressure tires for reduced vibrations
  • Durable fenders to protect against flying stones and gravel
  • Aluminium frame
  • Built-in handles for a secure grip and for attaching luggage
  • Revolutionary LeanSteer handlebar technology
  • InfoKey wireless controller

What Vibrations?

This model's low-pressure tires do an excellent job eliminating vibrations, even when going on a trip to an extremely bumpy terrain, while a stable frame ensures a smooth ride on paved surfaces. Sand, grass, gravel, clay or a mountain trail? The wider wheelbase increases stability on bumpy terrain, which means the new Segway x2 can easily handle various different environments. The only place to avoid are common urban sidewalks.

Stable Ride in Uneven Terrain

Lithium-ion batteries provide up to 18 km of amazingly cool and smooth ride in any terrain. Gravel and stones pose no threat, as the Seqway x2 features heavy-duty mudguards. It protects you even when you tilt into corners. There is a pair of grip handles attached to the aluminium frame of the mudguards, which can also serve as a handy attachment point for luggage.

Safe and Smooth Operation

The InfoKey Wireless Controller allows you to monitor your journey from start to finish.It gives you a perfect view of speed, distance, and battery status. You can even activate the Segway's security functions. Itconstantly monitors all data and presents comprehensive information about the journey.Special LeanSteer handlebars are adjustable to suit individual needs and can be easily removed to fit your personal transporter into the boot of a car. They follow the natural inclination of the human body, allowing the Segway to almost predict your movements and thus offer fantastic direction control while on the move, always going exactly where you want to.

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Capacity 0.77 Ah


Wheel size 9.84 "

Load capacity

Minimum load capacity 40 kg

Special features

Special features Remote Control


Colour Black

Max. Speed

Max. Speed 20 km/h
Code:  SEGW02
Warranty: 12 months