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Seek Thermal Compact Pro - iOS

€443.65 without VAT

Seek Thermal Compact Pro - iOS

Seek Compact is the first infrared camera which is small enough that it can be connected to the bottom of the phone. Use advanced infrared technology to see thermal images both at day and night. Infrared scanning shows things completely hidden to your eyes. The camera is portable and comes with fitting sleeve, so you keep it on you all the time. Seek CompactPro has increased resolution and resolving power dissipation by up to 550m.

Key features

  • The multi-improved version of the small infrared camera for iOS devices
  • Increased resolution and detection distance (76 KPX, up to 550m)
  • Temperature differences in the captured image
  • Not dependent on light (works day and night)
  • Temperature range from -40 to +330 ° C
  • Viewing angle 32 °

World of thermal traces

The camera scans the infrared spectrum and opens up a new way of looking and finding solutions to various problems. You can use it to discrete detection of intruders in the dark as well as to find savings in heating your home - you can identify week points in the thermal insulation. Reveal cracks and thin parts caused by wear and tear. It is also suitable for finding power lines, which leave a heat trace. It can be used by DIY and computers tuners to find the hot spot causing problems.

Additional information:

Viewing angle: 32 °
Sensor: 320 x 240px
Thermal image with a resolution of 76,000 pixels (each pixel with information about the temperature from - 40 to + 330 ° C)
The resolving power of heat: up to 500m
Focus: manual

Micro USB




Width 4.45 cm
Height 2.54 cm
Depth 2.54 cm


Power supply Battery-powered

Pairing - EO and books

Other features

Colour Black
Code:  NN950d1
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  LQ-EAAX