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Seek Thermal Compact Camera for Android

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Seek Thermal Compact Camera for Android

Seek Compact is the first infrared camera small enough to connect to your smartphone. Use this compact, advanced piece of infrared technology to see thermal images in both day and night. Infrared scanning reveals things completely invisible to your eyes. This camera is portable and comes with a waterproof carrying case. Seek Compact combines thermal vision, a wide 36° field of view and a detection distance of 300m to satisfy your every need with one small product.

Key features

  • A small infrared camera for Android (4.3+)
  • Temperature differences are captured in each image
  • Not dependent on lighting (works day and night)
  • Detection distance up to 300m
  • Temperature range from -40 to +330°C
  • 36° field of view

Many uses

Scans of the infrared spectrum will give you a new way of finding solutions to various problems. You can use this camera for many purposes, from unobtrusive detection of intruders in the dark to finding ways to save on heating. Easily search for weak spots in your thermal insulation or find concealed power lines. Instantly pinpoint the hot spot causing you problems with this tiny, handy thermal camera.

Additional information:

Field of view: 36°
Sensor: 206 x 156 px
Produces thermal images with a resolution of 32,000 pixels (each pixel with temperature information from -40 to 330°C)
Heat detection distance: up to 300m
Focus: manual

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