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Seagate IronWolf 3TB

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Seagate IronWolf 3TB

Top-Notch Performance and Maximum Reliability

The IronWolf Hard Drive is prepared for the uninterrupted workload required by an NAS (Network-Attached Storage). Thanks to the advanced AgileArray technology, it is extremely reliable and responsive. The device provides easy scalability with RAID support and features advanced power management that saves energy.

Ideal for Small Businesses and Households

Don't hold yourself back, not even for home use, and equip your home storage with a powerful 3TB Seagate IronWolf hard drive . Thanks to the SATA III interface, you can achieve data transmissions of up to 600MB/s, but the drive is also backwards compatible with SATA II and SATA. The blade rotates at 5900rpm and a 64MB buffer is available for faster response times.

Reduce Platter Vibrations

IronWolf drives are equipped with special sensors that eliminate drive vibrations to ensure consistent performance and reliable operation, even in multi-slot NAS units. The powerful RAID array maximises disk response and durability thanks to Error Recovery Control.

Active Data Protection

IronWolf is packed with advanced features to keep your storage running smoothly and extend its lifespan. Synology DiskStation Manager 6.1 automatically analyzes the drive, continuously informs you of the health of your drive, and offers recommendations for improving your data security.

Access for Multiple Users

NAS storage is optimised for access to multiple users, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The unit can handle a workload of up to 180TB per year . With remote access, your files are always handy and easy to back up or share from almost anywhere. 

Your Home Server

IronWolf hard drives are great for building a home-based, multimedia NAS empire . With its 3TB capacity and high performance, you get unlimited access to hundreds of feature-length HD movies and even more pictures that you can now easily play on your TV, computer or phone.

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Use For computers, Data storage, Internal

Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) 3,5"
Storage capacity 3,000 GB (3 TB)


Colour Silver


Memory cache 64 MB
Controller Seagate
Special features RAID


Maximum power consumption 5.6 W
Typical power consumption 4.9 W
Standby consumption 0.8 W (800 mW)


Weight 610 g (0.61 kg)


Width 101.6 mm (10.16 cm)
Height 26.11 mm (2.61 cm)
Depth 146.99 mm (14.7 cm)


Disc Series Seagate IronWolf
Code:  FP995u6c
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  ST3000VN007
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