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ScreenShield for the iPad 4 4G Tablet Display

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ScreenShield for the iPad 4 4G Tablet Display

This quality ScreenShield protector is a great tool for keeping the display of your fourth-generation Apple iPad tablet in perfect shape for its long-term future. The application of the protector itself will take only a few moments, and immediately your device will be perfectly protected from any kind of scratches. The protector is completely transparent and also covers existing small scratches.
The ScreenShield protector minimises the risk of damage or scratches to the display of the device to keep it in perfect condition for a very long time. In everyday use, it is totally unobtrusive and does not affect the operation of the device in any way. Due to its extreme durability, the manufacturer can also afford to offer a lifetime warranty on the product.
Parameters and Specifications:
Intended for:
Apple iPad 2
Package contents:
Protective ScreenShield for display of the phone/tablet
ScreenShield spatula
Cleaning cloth
Application fluid with spray



Usage On the screen of the device

Package includes

Package includes Cleaning cloth, Spatula, Fluid Application
Code:  SSH001k5
Warranty: 99 months
Product Number:  APP-IPA44G-D
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