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ScreenShield for LG G4 (H815) for the phone display

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ScreenShield for LG G4 (H815) for the phone display

The Screenshield protective film reliably protects your device from any kind of scratches. It is perfectly transparent and can even cover pre-existing small scratches. What's more, it does not distort the screen's colour spectrum and does not contain any filters. The film is made in such a way that the functionality or reaction of your touch devices is not affected, even when playing dynamic games. With ScreenShield, your device will always look as good as new.
ScreenShield is a protective film made of an extremely durable material which was originally developed to protect the paintwork of vehicles.

The film is 150µm thick, completely transparent and fully resistant to colour changes caused by sunlight. It is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions for the film's application closely in order to ensure flawless functionality and adhesion. Following application, the film must be let to dry thoroughly. The application liquid, which is a combination of special solutions whose function it is to increase adhesiveness, will dry up within 24 hours. During this time, do not exert excessive pressure on the ScreenShield film.


Main advantages:

  • 100% guarantee of no scratches on the screen
  • Extremely durable and fully transparent
  • Covers pre-existing small scratches
  • Lifetime warranty for the protective film itself
  • Easy application that leaves no traces
  • Accessories for application included
  • Complete protection of your device's display
  • The protective film is made to exactly fit the shape of the device's display
  • A Czech product competing with the world-famous InvisibleSHIELD manufacturer

Parameters and specifications:

Package contents:
ScreenShield protective film
Application liquid in spray bottle
Wiper for dispensing the application liquid
Antistatic cloth for cleaning the equipment
Instructions for the application

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Brand/model of mobile phone

Telephone brand LG
Model of mobile phone G4


Usage On the screen of the device

Package contents

Package includes Cleaning cloth, Spatula, Fluid Application


Surface Glossy
Code:  SSH004x5o
Warranty: 99 months
Product Number:  LG-H815-D
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