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SanDisk Ultra 128GB

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ultra fast shipping, packaged really well, very nice all of staff on support. and about disc, recommend it because it delivers what is told (read almost 550MB/WRITe almost 500---few times runned CrystalDiscMark5 )
no cons/no problems, thank you :)))
5 year warrenty, solid build, very fast data transfer speed, good price
Disk I bought, because I wanted to have a fast system drive. In this regard, my expectations were fulfilled, the disc is super fast compared to traditional disk. After 2 months of use it is probably too early to assess the reliability, but yet without regards problems. I suggest.
Decent price-performance ratio. Ejection mechanism seems tough
Perhaps just lower the speed record - around 8 megabytes / sec for large files.
read speed 80 megabytes / s little indication diode for money super bargain
Companies only 12 to 13 megabytes / s cap off quite a bit tacky
High transmission speed, large capacity
I have it only a short time, so difficult to evaluate, while it works seamlessly
screws for attaching could be delivered together with the disc
useful enough space
Price, speed, practical design
sufficient enrollment for the everyday needs
works with OSX (also in the set-up as a fusion drive with HDD)
Very satisfied, good speed
good chip costs
speed, size
Meets Everything has :)
I recommend.
Light, fast, access to the connector.
at a given price very good
speed, style
Fast USB flashdrive, which I recommend to everyone.
Fast. Small.
fits nicely in your pocket and into the wallets pretty style version USB 3 generations write speed
Small and rychlý.Produkty SanDisk never failed me yet.
SanDisk just ...!
Experience with other brands of memory modules and their flawless functionality.
Compact, USB 3.0, Functionality SanDisk also in products other than the computer equipment (TV, radio) to other brands is not obvious. Subtle red light, I like even in the car and do not disturb or night.
Ejecting is a habit
Sandisk I use price as a bootable FreeBSD and while I have no problem
speed corresponds works seamlessly with the TV SAMSUNG (for recording and timeshifting) slide, so you can not lose the cap
hanger is relatively thin plastic, not wear keys
capacity, price, speed
retractable connector system coverage often leads to wear and then demanding flashdrive use
Delivery without any problem :) _ Flash disk in the same state as it is written in the description SanDisk
Nothing can be criticized ..
A removable flash drive USB 3.0- The current use is at ease.
After all, it is a USB 3.0 So it is an advantage for 1st place and has quite a nice design.
It's very lightweight and structure I think is quite fragile.
Dimensionally small flashky retractable connector - Captive cover The Sandisk good price Fast reading (over 30 megabytes / sec for USB 2.0)
Key strap - walled plastic molding extraction and retraction connector - feels strange (one must get used to) slow enrollment (only about 9 megabytes / s USB2.0) - tax at a good price
I was expecting to drive significantly better results, but rather a mediocre disk with USB 3.0, the surcharge of about 800, - CZK can take the test winner USB Flash drives from the same company under performance would be enough to be USB 2.0 only, even in one parameter specification does not overcome his worries me is heated, which is quite substantial (after some time is so hot that it begins to burn in his hand, which certainly is not good), overall it is an average, offend or nenadchne
USB 3.0 retractable connector, reasonable price
Heat (relative importance), even if it does not read or can not write, just to be plugged into a USB port, I expected that if it is USB 3.0 Flash Drive, and reading and writing will be done quickly, but the writing is so around 10 to 12 megabytes / s reading and about 22 to 27 megabytes / s (large files, small ones, are noticeably slower) pull locking mechanism is not sufficient in the end position and likes to connect pushed back again
speed capacity price
labile structural design little heated
USB3, price-performance ratio is just right, a proven brand. Faster models only for those who often change on flashce larger volumes of data, otherwise useless.
Mechanical design of average, but not bad.
Supr par for the transfer of the case or document
Malo resistant against keychain
Small, lightweight, has a nice design and most importantly, it has USB3.0 and ice dione that you somehow disturbed.
The construction itself I think is quite fórová a key'd never given her.
slowly on the USB 2.0 (it's my latest thumb drive is slower than the two flashcard, which I bought about a year ago)
Out connector. Small, relatively quick.
I expected to be equipped with an LED. It is not. I miss the light disk activity. Key strap is bungled processed.
I'm not satisfied, write only 11 megabytes / s, it is difficult misery. I would not buy, the better bits on the market at a similar price range.
Reading 70 megabytes / s
Writing 11 megabytes / s
Light, fast, can be clipped to carabiner clip. I have already bought a 3, and hopefully I'll be happy to continue and I gifted.
The question is how long the loop to attach the last. I imagined it bytelnějším.
I do not know how you measured transmission speed Zaisa but usb 3 ports from 35 to 39 megabytes / sec
USB 3.0 (not measured while waiting for NTB)
Extending it is necessary to experience, but otherwise works well
After replacing a malfunctioning piece for've I got a newer version of the 100 Mb / s reading (initially 80). In the test CrystalDiskMark sequential read speed USB3 / write-100 / 50th USB2 36/21. So, after this the good.
rapid and smooth handling complaints
1 fleshka higher price, which left me and that I had been there dozens of different brands can not be trusted for reliability-must be backed up
In principle, the standard flashdrive, which condenses exterior design - eight millimeters unnecessary "design" plastic ensures that you do two things do not fit into the port side.
Nothing to hoisting, standard equipment
exterior design
Suddenly, he collapsed and 50Gb of data tonight. Nor the soft data recovery help. Just appetizer
light, small, what else. on USB can not possibly spoil anything.
exchanged for corsair cl, feel SanDisk is faster at the start pc pc start in a few seconds the speed of the installed SOFT (phoshop, Lumion, Archicad) o
price over par installations are successively uberalo drive around from place up to 30 GB, I`ll preco disappeared after each install SOFT par GB, while soft mal par .. MB, ultimately helped scan the disk and found that 31 gigabytes of occupying automatic backup system, after shrinking sites for backups to 2 GB, all is resolved.