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Samsung EO-MG920B black

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Samsung EO-MG920B black

A stylish-looking handsfree that makes it easy to handle all your emergency calls. The main part of the construction consists of a very well designed, glossy, patterned case. This is great for both formal and casual wear and gives a total impression. A hybrid handset is attached to the case, which partially shields the surrounding noise. This is especially true when you are in a noisy environment, such as a busy street. There is also a clear holder that snugly attaches your handsfree to your ear. The fact that wearing this product is comfortable is also evidenced by the fact that it only weighs 9.2 grams.

Key properties

  • Sophisticated, ergonomic design
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Ultra lightweight construction
  • Clear voice call quality
  • Long battery life

Pleasing voice reproduction

As far as telephony is concerned, the device is designed to reproduce your voice as faithfully as possible. This is provided by the built-in microphone that is located on the bottom of the case - directly opposite the mouth. This will make everyone understand your words clearly. Everything is further enhanced by the technology of noise suppression and echo cancellations that bring voice reproduction to perfection.

Powerful battery under the hood

Enjoy the ultimate freedom during your calls. With a powerful built-in battery, do not worry that your handsfree will not last until the end of the day. The built-in battery offers up to 7 hours of continuous calls or up to 300 hours of standby time.

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Headphone type

Design Handsfree Module
Construction Closed

Features and functions

Weight 9.2 g


Connection Type Bluetooth



Colour Black
Code:  SAAA0106
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  EO-MG920BBEGWW
Links: Manufacturer's Website: