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Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style Wet & Dry

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Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style Wet & Dry

Rowenta Trim & Style trimmer for a perfectly groomed body

This Rowenta trimmer is a versatile assistant to easily achieve a perfect look for your hair and beard. With various attachments you can even use this Wet & Dry technology trimmer in the shower. A high speed engine and a titanium movable blade ensure a perfect fit with one stroke. In addition, the titanium surface enhances durability and guarantees excellent trimming results for a long time. The titanium blade retains its initial sharpness because it is 3 times harder than stainless steel.
The 44mm blade is ideal for fast and effective hair cutting. Using 4 fixed combs, you can tailor your hair length exactly according to your preferences. The comb is specially shaped so that the hair is trimmed properly after a every single stroke.
The body shaving attachment can also be used in the shower, depending only on what's more comfortable for you. In addition, it is equipped with a skin friendly extension for trimming before shaving. With the rotating blade head painlessly trims unsightly hairs in your nose and ears. Along with the trimmer, you also get a compact storage base with charger. The battery lasts for a long time.

Wet and dry use

Your comfort is always first, so the Trim & Style trimmer is equipped with Wet & Dry technology. It is suitable not only for body modification in the shower, but also for easy cleaning of the attachments.

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - Wet & Dry

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - motor 6500 rpm

It saves you time

The Rowenta Trim & Style features a built in high speed motor (6500rpm) to handle a precise cut with each single stroke. This makes trimming faster.

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - 12 v 1

Multifunctional trimmer

Get this complete set of 12 attachments, all in one. Rowenta takes good care of your hair, beard and body, and as a bonus, it works quietly in the shower. With Trim & Style, you get the perfect style to suit your taste.

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - 4 nástavce na vlasy

The hairstyle is right for you

A perfect cut in one stroke.  A 44mm hair blade, combined with 4 fixed combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm), you can try different hair styles. You can always rely on professional results.

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - nástavec na tělo

Smooth body

The body shaving attachment is specially designed for trimming and shaving hair in the shower. You will appreciate the trimmer which is gentle on the skin. For best smooth effect at the end, use a razor blade.

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - nástavec na vousy

Stylish bearded hair

Adjust and shape your beard with a 32mm trimming attachment. Whether you prefer a classic style, three day stubble or a shaped beard, the trimmer always helps you. The adjustable beard ridge offers 5 different cut lengths from 3 to 7mm. There is also a fine setting of 1mm.

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - detaily

Focus on the details

When you go into precise detail adjustments, line drawing, or styling a moustache or sideburns, use a 7mm extension. It will guarantee high precision.

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - planžetový nástavec

Perfect shave

The cue attachment will light your face lines perfectly.

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - rotační zastřihávací hlava

Get rid of unsightly hairs

Trim & Style also includes a rotary trimmer head that gently removes unwanted hairs in the nose and ears painlessly.

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - záruka servisu 10 let

Service warranty for 10 years

• Fast and low cost delivery of spare parts for 10 years
6,500 service centres around the world

Zastřihovač Rowenta TN9160F0 Trim & Style - výdrž baterie

A battery that lasts

The Rowenta Trim & Style trimmer operates cable free and can last up to 60 minutes .

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Trimmer type For beards, For hair, For nose hairs, For hair, beard, Body
Usage method Regular usage


Number of inserts 12
Sharp edge material Titanium , Stainless steel
Min. cutting length 3 mm
Max. cutting length 12 mm
Number of cut settings 4
Controls With the use of buttons
Extension type beard, Hair, Body, Ears, nose


Functions Washable attachments, Water-resistant, for use in wet environment , LED charging indicator, Interchangeable attachments, High-speed engine

Operation and power supply

Operation hours 60 min
Charging time 480 min
Type of power source Battery-powered
Power Battery


Usage Men's


Use Face, Body
Code:  ROWZVO09
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  TN9160F1