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Rowenta PU4020F1 Intense Pure Air Allergy+

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Rowenta PU4020F1 Intense Pure Air Allergy+

The Rowenta PU4020F0 Intense Pure Air is a high-quality air purifier. It is the only purifier on the market that filters up to 99.97% of pollution in any enclosed room. The device is quiet and suitable for rooms with a maximum area of ??35m2and it offers 4 levels of filtration with adjustable airflow output direction and timer setting. The airflow direction can be chosen from two options: 45° for optimum air circulation and homogenous air throughout the room, or 90° for maximum comfort. The device is also very easy to maintain, as the indicator light comes on when the HEPA filter needs to be changed. This air purifier offers a night mode with pleasant lighting and colour indicator that changes the colour according to the air quality recorded by the particle sensor.

Ideal Airflow

You can set the direction of airflow output from the purifier to suit your needs. The 45° setting makes for optimal air circulation, while the 90° setting makes for more comfortable use.

Maximum Protection

The Rowenta PU4020F0 Intense Pure Air eliminates formaldehyde contained indoors by using a unique NanoCaptur filter.

Smart Filtration

Two integrated sensors in the air purifier measure the amount of particles in the air. Depending on the results, the air purifier will automatically set itself to the optimal purifying mode.

4 Levels of Filtration

Due to the four levels of filtering, the air purifier is able to capture 99.97% of particles. The individual levels are designed to each capture certain kinds of pollutants.

Key Features of the Rowenta PU4020F0 Intense Pure Air Purifier

  • Effective air purifier for a healthier life in the XL version
  • Filters out up to 99.97% of indoor pollution
  • Unique patented NanoCaptur technology permanently eliminates formaldehyde
  • Four different airflow rates ensure optimal filtration
  • Can be set to automatic or night mode
  • Programmable (timer and delayed start)
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Easy filter maintenance due to filter status indication

Silent Night

Throughout the night, the air purifier works at the lowest speed to not disturb you while you sleep. It is also equipped with dim lighting.

Low Operating Noise

The Intense Pure Air is high-performaning yet very quiet. Even when it operates at the maximum speed, it produces only 45dB of noise.

Easy Filter Maintenance

Due to the light indication, you will know when you need to replace the active carbon or HEPA filters.

Repairable Product

Rowenta warrants the product to be repairable for 10 years, and they will also ensure a rapid and cheap delivery of spare parts.

High-quality Filtration

The Rowenta PU4020F0 Intense Pure Air Purifier offers a total of four filtration levels that can capture up to 99.97% of the finest particles indoors. Each level of filtration is specifically designed for capturing certain types of pollutants:

  • 1 - The pre-filter captures the largest particles (dust, human and animal hairs,).
  • 2 - The active carbon filter captures odors, gases and volatile organic compounds.
  • 3 - The HEPA filter captures 99.97% of the finest particles (mold, mites, pollen, fine particles up to 2.5 micrometers in diameter, bacteria, viruses, dead animal cells, etc.).
  • 4 - The unique patented NanoCaptur filter permanently displaces formaldehyde, the most harmful air pollutant in your home.
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Mobile application No
Power consumption 30 W
Air power 170 m3/hour
Recommended room size 35 m2


Filters Carbon, Dust, Formaldehyde


Function Air quality sensor, Timer, Power regulation, Display, Night mode, Automatic mode, For allergy sufferers
Code:  ROWCV003
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  PU4020F1
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