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Rowenta CF7830 with straightening attachment

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Rowenta CF7830 with straightening attachment

Perfect volume and every other hairstyle with the Premium Care Hot Air Brush Set from Rowenta

Are you fond of seductive waves with immense volume or do you prefer straightened hair? This modern hot-air brush, from the renowned hair-care manufacturer Rowenta, will allow you to create a hairstyle just like you see on TV commercials or in magazines. It's ideal for all ladies who are looking to perfect their individual style. With a power of 1200W, it provides quick and effective hair drying, and the brush is enriched with a coating of cashmere keratin and argan oil for smooth, frizz free hair. A key feature is the presence of ionisation technology that delivers hydration, shine and an antistatic effect. A wide range of styling options will inspire you with 5 attachments - a 38mm diameter brush, comb, straightening attachment, volume brush attachment and concentrator. With these options, you can make a hairstyle just like from a salon but in the comfort of your home. It's really that easy. The Premium Care Hot Air brush adjusts your hair exactly to your individual needs and wishes.

Kulmofén Rowenta CF7830 - příkon 1200 W

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High performance

The Premium Care hot air brush, with the 1200W power, delivers fast results. You'll have your hair dry and the style adjusted in record time.

Kulmofén Rowenta CF7830 - hebké, lesklé vlasy

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Shiny and radiant hair

You can always rely on the ionisation brush. Ionisation has hydrating effects, reduces static electricity and unwanted frizz. The result is beautiful, shiny hair that you can adjust more easily. Combined with the unique coating containing Cashmere Keratin and Argan oil, Rowenta brings you a hair care device that will leave your hair irresistibly smooth.

Kulmofén Rowenta CF7830 - 2 rychlosti a teploty

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Individual settings

Choose from 2 temperatures and speeds according to the type of hair and hairstyle you want to achieve.

Kulmofén Rowenta CF7830 - chladný vzduch

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Long-lasting effect

Do not forget to fix the hair after finishing. Just press the cold air flow button to fix the resulting hairstyle. Enjoy a style with a long-lasting result, all without the use of spray, mousse or gel products.

Kulmofén Rowenta CF7830 - kartáč 38 mm

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Brush with a diameter of 38mm

Perfectly blow-dried and styled hair - a 38mm ceramic brush with a Cashmere Keratin coating.

Kulmofén Rowenta CF7830 - narovnávací kartáč

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Straightening brush

Do you love perfectly straight, smooth hair, but do not you want to lose the fluffy volume? Then try a straightening brush with which you can easily dry and gently straighten your wet hair. It works just like an iron, but when using a brush, the finished hairstyle does not lose volume.

Kulmofén Rowenta CF7830 - tvarovací hřeben

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For a natural hair look you can use a practical comb attachment.

Kulmofén Rowenta CF7830 - objem

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A style with volume

Looking for immense volume from the roots to tips? No problem, Rowenta has also included a special attachment for the exclusive volume in fine and long hair. The teeth of the comb penetrate to the roots of the hair to create a style with luxurious volume.

Kulmofén Rowenta CF7830 - doporučuje Daniela Peštová

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Recommended by Daniela Peštová

The world-renowned top-model and Rowenta premium product ambassador treats her face, hair and body every day with premium care. Daniela Pestova is betting on the quality of everything she is using. She recommends Rowenta products as they provide top-quality care, guarantee professional results, and save valuable time due to advanced technology.

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Type Static


Functions Ionisation, Cold air


Power consumption 1,200 W
Number of speeds 2
Number of temperatures 2
Cable length 1.8 m
Attachments Straightening brush, Forming brush


Colour White
Code:  REMKU024
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  CF7830F0
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