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€87.47 without VAT


The RIO DRMA3 takes care of the skin of your face with perfect care. The cleaning kit brightens, regenerates and cleanses the skin. It smoothes its rough or uneven surface and contributes to the reduction of acne and scars. Regular application also reduces the fine line, wrinkle and skin pigmentation. Last but not least, the application improves the absorption of water and moisturizers. The kit includes, in addition to the apparatus 4 heads inclusive 2 microdermabrasion heads and practical travel cover. Give your skin unique care with the RIO DRMA3.

Key features of the RIO DRMA3 cleaning kit

  • Cleansing set brightening and regenerating the skin
  • Smooths its rough and uneven surface
  • RIO DRMA3 pcontributes to reducing acne and reducing scars
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation
  • It improves the absorption of water and moisturizers
  • The set contains 4 heads including 2 microdermabrasion heads
  • Color design: pink



Type Cleaning Kit


Use Skin cleansing, Wrinkle reduction, Massage
Code:  RIOCS631
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  DRMA3