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Reviews Logitech Z623 Speaker System

Interested in reviews of Logitech Z623 Speaker System? It got 4.7 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of Logitech Z623 Speaker System below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with Logitech Z623 Speaker System after purchasing.
Logitech Z623 Speaker System - Speakers
Logitech Z623 Speaker System
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Very good sound. I recommend them
Clear sound Deep bass Design Overall Performance
Neighbors Nothing
I claimed 2.1 Trust and got back to their original price 1,290 CZK. (Purchased 2 years ago) after a complaint I wondered whether to go into those same price then 1800 + - but I could not so I have paid an extra and bought these beauties. I did well and at that price the sound is really superior to the PC. (I am a lover of the bass and anyone else who when they hear and feel the bass and makes him good so I suggest (s).)
Strength Boost (deep, loud, clear) THX Net satellites (sub is nepřehlušuje despite its strength)
According to me may not be mounting on a surface satellites, but the design is so nicer neighbors + family in other místonstech: D
Super assembly, at that price probably never will not find anything better. Subwoofer top, prosecute all even at náročnejšej music ... Satellites also satisfactory výkon.Na music like dubstep, house, electro, trap and like creature ... I recommend to buy, also suitable for films, such as embroidered atmosphere. Nice Day.)
Overall performance subwoofer output quite nice design THX certification Top in this price category
Possible woofer is too strong for these satellites but this is just such a remark. Neighbors ma not be happy till now and I think that is not so easily not change :-)
Super PC or domácemu kinu.Vysoký power and deep bass perfectly stable ozvučíme well as greater izbu.Odporúčam buy.
Pure quality audio THX Hlboké high performance and stable bass and clear treble quality processing Design Mriežky protecting speakers Neoslňujúca orange LED Anti-skid base Tri inputs Logitech brand is among the tip-quality audio producers
He does not lack the optical input remote controller (especially for domácemu theater) Pre someone be unaffordable suitable to the apartment - nervous neighbors :( (mainly pensioners);););););)
I am owner of all possible systems from Logitech Z623, X230, LG, Creative, and others. I have to rate Logitech and win the brand and model Z623 is specifically in price to 10 thousand. On first place. These speakers use in films - bass is strong, powerful, and when the room is well under construction (What does resonate, cell free and it does not echo - which is not a bug but repro room - another sound in the room is carpeted and wood flooring, or in a room full of furniture or only seat ..), they can not even light absence Wednesday because values ??are not distorted in any way, therefore, the overall impression more than good. The big plus is that the speakers can be switched off, no standby mode or even a murmur in standby mode, nothing is off and bass control at the front (unlike Logitech X230). Supr is that they can still buy it, which speaks for itself.
audio control interface design
cabling, thinner and longer cables, but would have a negative effect on the sound ..
After a very long sought what would suit me, I natrafil this sustavu.Vsade always nieco chybalo.Niekde bass somewhere in height and anywhere oboje.Tato reprosustava has really ine what a human can priat.Neskutocne bass good elevation .... odporucam.
Unbelievably versatile bass sound Hlboká Utilization for the price unrivaled in their class
So remote to me in this case they miss not sit on the couch three meters from the apparatus and just stretching my hand enough. At that price, I think, very high quality sound, which is not required nor equalizer, because there is nothing to adjust. The bass line runs very well and the band středovýškové sufficient. Sound pressure super. The computer up to - even the most demanding recommend!
desing super bass excellent centers of delicious small height dimensions of extreme performance 3 inputs - functions as a mix
Neighbourhood: D
Terrific performance overall design
The price could be cheaper Neighbours began to complain is :-(