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Reviews CyberPower BU600E-FR

Interested in reviews of CyberPower BU600E-FR? It got 4.3 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of CyberPower BU600E-FR below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with CyberPower BU600E-FR after purchasing.
CyberPower BU600E-FR - Backup Power Supply
CyberPower BU600E-FR
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The possibility of shutting down the alarm shockproof 3 Drawer simulate a power outage at ease maintain in operation two PC with two monitors. After 7 minutes, I turned on the electricity and the more I tested it, because this time is enough for me.
somewhat heavier than competition
So far, I'd say it's OK, I tried it on a pump at the boiler and it's super about 21 minutes without power reliably makala.
During a power failure would not wake the whole house, as is the case with other UPS function it performs
Super price - output ratio
The price and can be turned off beeping
Small, space saving. The modem power supply in a confined space OK.
No minuses
So far I am satisfied
You can turn off whistling, suitable for use as a backup with very low power and long time (not wake at night blackout PRIO)
Off somewhat complicated. It is necessary to hold the button just 2 seconds
See. higher
A simple switch on the device and are used in a good price level
Energy consuming enough - no consumption of 11 W collection
I suggest you use only under supervision and use it as a main switch all connected. It does not heat dizzy or nehlučí like a computer, but I've had better that I leave the rest alone.
switch off the beeper Ergonomics
is completely silent and cold Made in China - battery power sockets are salts nesázím
I miss quite instruction in English Failed to me to find out how to turn it off whistling very sensitive to off, sometimes he does not want to
for smaller devices big stamina
monochrome LED, does not show the remaining power and charging status MISSING MANUAL CZECH Could not I turn off notifications (according to previous reviews it is possible)