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Reviews CONNECT IT P2 Silver

Interested in reviews of CONNECT IT P2 Silver? It got 4.4 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of CONNECT IT P2 Silver below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with CONNECT IT P2 Silver after purchasing.
CONNECT IT P2 Silver - Ceiling Mount
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For me vyborny bracket if you need shorter than I am, so there is no problem to take flex and slice into both the carrier, drill a hole and you're done. 360 ° rotation does not have, but Filming da without any problems. Bud mounted directly on the wall (ma pretty big holes), or enable "spider" that holds the projector. Adjust the da without removing the projector. Cables can be routed in a "leg".
Price structure strength cables can be routed in the leg flowed height regulation
For small distances from the ceiling curtailment necessarily limited rotational angle legs look - wife of the most enthusiastic is not, I am.
Knit with installation, anybody can do all possible to screw in the pack
Lightweight, well adjustable to handle well, everything you need to install the enclosed
For several years I have it mounted on a ceiling Hard drziak holding her position adjustment
good price versus quality
good for a great price bracket, we have a small projector to a good fit. different angular settings
nothing yet
Holder is sufficient to allow variable mounting the projector on the ceiling structure. It is virtually universal and applicable to most types of projectors for home use at a price that is acceptable for most users. Holder is a good workmanship. Attached components are neatly packed. These instructions are sufficient. Still, that is among the cheaper products in the category meets most of the requirements for similar products. The holder can be recommended.
cheap yet good quality allows tilting the projector at both levels sufficient capacity for home projector
For little money a lot of music ... Super Variable bracket with lots of bolts and mounting options as well as the ceiling and the projector. If you want the projector as close as possible to the ceiling, so do not use the enclosed "feet", but straight to the ceiling mount section. Someone might not mind that you can not rotate around its axis, but if you have a projector still in one place, so it does not matter.
price variability accessory range of tilt to the side and forward
nothing yet
It is up to any projector, truly universal