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Reviews BLAUPUNKT SanDiego 530 World

Interested in reviews of BLAUPUNKT SanDiego 530 World? It got 4.0 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of BLAUPUNKT SanDiego 530 World below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with BLAUPUNKT SanDiego 530 World after purchasing.
BLAUPUNKT SanDiego 530 World - Car Stereo Receiver
BLAUPUNKT SanDiego 530 World
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Among the 2-DIN car radio does not compete. At this price there is no better radio. I had the opportunity to use radio Ciska similar nature, it is this product in any case can not be compared. The biggest problem with číských models tragic FM tuner, RDS who can not, as we are accustomed to with us. Hands off unbranded Chinese car stereos, this model Blaupunkt get a lot of bang for adekvádní money. Blaupunk is and always has been a manufacturer of exceptional quality electronics.
high quality radio-based Windows 6.0CE built-in GPS module, it is not necessary to purchase it at exorbitant money as competitors citlilý FM / AM tuner, perfect sound quality FW updates from sites Blaupunkt can přemlasknout from this version to version World :) EU, the it solved the problem with BT, etc. floor exercise better and higher versions support MKV and many other video formats Navigation runs incredibly fast, there is a known powerful hardware with sufficient RAM množstvým (Primo 2.4)
Missing CZ language menu, but updates are still based, last added Russian, hopefully there on the front panel Czech neodjímatelný
What navigation software do you use? I'm unable to get hold of anything normal, Naviextras there is not supplied and the price of approx. EUR 100 for an annual license shall Maximan seems exaggerated. It should be noted also that it is likely you'll need to purchase and install a reduction to the place of the original radio and if you want to use the control of the steering wheel, further reduction / Opel reduction for control of the steering wheel is worth approx. 120 EURO + reduction and other necessary rámik for the installation of an additional 60-70 EURO. So even though the price of the device is good ultimately was enough to climb .... A particularly after purchase is not happy now that participate, you will be missing cables and reducing.
Nothing yet, because no additional cables neither do get involved.
Other expenses for cables, reduction, software ????
The radio was installed a week ago, while total satisfaction. Quality embodiments, menu and overall logic of activation is not comparable with the products of the Chinese with whom I have had the experience yet. Whereas I hear most often in the car radio, chválim-quality tuner with excellent acoustic properties and income tabular display with automatic reloads of the radio. Great support formats from a variety of films not load only one. built-in handsfree connection with the possibility of an external microphone to the input of the navigation section for RDS-TMC data. Support of controlling the call. Radio respect to the excellent price / performance ratio definitely odporúčam.
unnecessarily large remote control device can not change the blue backlight rotary volume control.