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Reviews A4tech XL-747H Gaming Theme Spider Brown

Interested in reviews of A4tech XL-747H Gaming Theme Spider Brown? It got 4.6 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of A4tech XL-747H Gaming Theme Spider Brown below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with A4tech XL-747H Gaming Theme Spider Brown after purchasing.
A4tech XL-747H Gaming Theme Spider Brown - Gaming Mouse
A4tech XL-747H Gaming Theme Spider Brown
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A good gaming mouse for beginners who do not want or do not have to 2000Kč branded mouse Razer, Roccat and more.
Price / performance ratio compensates for a 2 mice expensive Nice design Precise processing option to balance the mouse DPI Choice Knit durable cable
Tripple-click a little button zavadzia. Not much, but man he will notice the abbreviation. DPI switching is solved well, so he does not introduce man by accident. Rubber coating on the inner side is excellent, a hardened plastic on the outside, is also good, so the cape in hand in no way neklze. Stickers Citi tcharacter passing the finger, but I can see almost kao positive, since it treating it antiskating and normal drznai mysky it is not particularly feel. The pictures are also much lighter than in reality so it does not act cause any interference. Rear (back) side button is going slightly misplaced. On squeezing the tube must either be folded or skrtcit thumb, but are no imminent. Clekom cape fits well in the hand. Akurat ergonomics seduce him holding so that the palm was in the inner side of the cape is not adhered to so vertically but in mensiom inclination. Nothing terrible, but you will notice it. Windows 7 does not recognize and does not dvdromku cape, so I had to drivers of hunger in the manufacturer's website (google helped). SW contains a number of elections, set as a cape, and it will be seen that this is indeed destined for the player's cape, since it is available for many elections for the games and also be an macros. The cable is portiahnuty draper what is to all netradicke and the whole Muslim widgets, flax is objim that eventually will catch the dust from a table. Become better than it would appear mal cable nieco crunch. Button su someone for maybe a little noisy. In the box are reserved phones, what is neozaj pit. It is also possible to change myskuy ance sheet with weights, I also appreciate. At the najvyssiom dpi mouse / cursor some weird about it is over the limit, but lower dpi are totally in order. Tlacitko to change according to the selected shines dpi dpi. This can give someone in mind night and watch movies. The mouse has on the bottom tlacitko which detekuej or a cape on the table or floats and hangs team move your cursor. This does not work at all, but I do not mind. My times are gambling've already so someone's mind Moze. It is a common behavior of all mysiek so no big deal. The Cape is quite comfortable to touch vsetky plastics and rubber su touch completely in order. Cable to me that a little shorter than usual, but I nemeral so it's not just a subjective impression. Quality processing of better than my pride in MS mice show. Vsetko would fit the completely okay, nothing nevrzga.
For such a low price I bought, as best I could. I am very satisfied and only recommend
low price enough options dpi appearance
myska fine, just hopes that the motive zosucha Spiders ...
while nothing
Super Mouse I / greater man's hand and everything Vpoho Wheel Design Sensitivity
sometimes unsuitable cable is not very bendable so that sometimes gets involved.
Excellent MySky which thou hast gained from the first moment.
Price Quality 6 speed ergonomics Macros Appearance Kábel Performance
fits exactly into the hand of the price looks
I am with this mouse very happy
on what you can do, it is quite inexpensive option to balance the possibility of a mouse click to change the DPI, got it validated even when installing Win7 Linux also OK option of two profiles (users), you will especially appreciate when my wife gets on the computer, otherwise set the chair understand, but the mouse really annoyed me :) makrování - eg. one click I can use (autoklikr) as coordinate conductor is braided, it does not catch anywhere
Super mouse that has the quality for a good price. I must say that the game is super but předivšim programming on different syntaxes so you just do macros and I nahrzane any copying or writing. What I regret, however, is software. Not only that servers are in China, and software downloads are long (on the enclosed CD is already old version.) But does not support USB 3.0, so I have to perform switching on a laptop at a place where my USB input matters. Otherwise, everything was perfect - and anti-vibration system is great, on a glass table Mouse works on full dpi unchanged. People who pushes the mouse too surely come in handy in the packet are spare "Ski" :-) 4/5
Ergonomics The material Macros button layout suitable not only for playing Anti-Vibrate sytem works well on glass or other pvrchu :-)
The software on the CD is not updated (not some newer packages) Support USB 3.0 software on servers at a macro software in China = slow download

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