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Remington IPL6500 i-Light Pro

€177.88 without VAT

Remington IPL6500 i-Light Pro

Fast and lasting results

With the Remington i-LIGHT PRO with innovative IPL technology, you'll get beautiful, smooth skin on your body and face in a short amount of time. Remove the hairs from the comfort of your home, get great results like a professional salon, and enjoy your silky skin every day.

Perfectly smooth skin

The unique Remington PROPULSE technology utilises innovative depilatory progress that is designed for all your hair removal needs. This technology uses a clinically proven IPL system to destroy hairs from roots. The guarantee is permanent results and silky skin.

A 50% larger pulse window

A 50% larger pulse window with a protective UV filter protects your skin from irritation and is also easily applied to the desired area. For perfect results, the epilator allows you to choose from 5 degrees of intensity. In the accessories, you can find a faceplate with flash speed every 4 seconds.

Suitable for both women and men

The advantage of this device is its same efficiency on the male and female body. You can treat the back, shoulder and chest area without any problems. Using the epilator is very easy due to its convenient handle and ergonomic design. The Infinity light bulb does not need extra costs and you will never have to change it.

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Functions and features

Number of flashes 100,000
Number of extensions 1
Number of modes 5
Other functions and features UV filter , Skin shade sensor

Power supply

Power Mains (230V)
Code:  REMIPL06
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  42053560100
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