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Razer Kraken - Mercury

€72.88 without VAT

Razer Kraken - Mercury

Gamers agree that apart from graphics and gameplay, sound effects and music is also vital. These game headphones by Razer Kraken - Mercury have a comfortable fit and great sound quality. Their closed construction also provides an extra dose of isolation from exterior noise. Another reason for buying these headphones is that they have an integrated microphone. Because of the frequency range 12Hz to 28000Hz, you can enjoy excellent sound reproduction with powerful bass and detailed highs.

Razer Kraken - Mercury Headphones Key Features

  • Total weight of gaming headphones: 322g
  • Appealing White colour

The Razer Kraken - Mercury Gaming Headset Include a Handy Microphone

Everyone will appreciate the integrated microphone. The headphones with a microphone by Razer will ensure that you have a good link with friends by using programmes like WhatsApp.


Headphone type

Design around the ears
Construction Closed
Microphone With microphone

Headphone characteristics

Sensitivity 109 dB/mW
Frequency to 28,000 Hz
Functions and features Microphone
Impedance 32 Ohm

Microphone characteristics

Microphone construction Retractable
Directional characteristics Directional sensing
Frequency to 10,000 Hz
Sensitivity -45 dB/mW


connection type 3.5 mm Jack
Cable length 1.3 m
Cable routing Unilateral (in one shell)



Colour White


Weight 322 g


Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE
Code:  MR070x68
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  RZ04-02830400-R3M1
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