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Rayman Legends - PS3

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Rayman Legends - PS3

Rayman Legends is already the fifth title of the popular series about the hero Rayman, which came back in 2011 as critically acclaimed Rayman Origins platformer, under the patronage of its creator Michelle Ancel (Beyond Good And Evil, Raving Rabbids). Rayman Legends is then a direct sequel to the previous one, taking place one hundred years after the events of the previous game.
Rayman, Globox, and Teensies awaken from a long sleep, while Bubble Dreamer's army chiefs are about to destroy the world once again.


Rayman, Globox, and Teensies begin at the beginning of the game in the magic forest, where they find a mysterious tent filled with a series of breathtaking images. On closer examination, each picture seems to tell a story from the mythical world. When viewing the image of the medieval landscape, the painting suddenly sucks them in and the heroes find themselves in another world where their adventures begin. The task of the band is to run, jump and fight through these worlds. In short, to reveal the secrets of all legendary paintings.


Enhanced engine

Enhanced UbiArt engine features some game elements in 3D, a new illumination system and a new rendering system moves Rayman's already well-acclaimed graphics to a new level.

Cooperative mode

The game can be played with your friends using Wi-Fi connection One player will play Murphy the greenbottle using the touch screen, the other player will have classic button controls available.

Online Challenges

Invite your friends online in a series of challenges that will test your skills and speed. One look at the ladder will tell you how you perform compared to the world.

Social functions

It is now possible to boast with your achievements on social networks, especially Facebook.

Parameters and Specifications:
Platform: Playstation 3
Genre: Platformer
Location: English
PEGI rating: 7+

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Genre Kids'


Text EN , DE , RU , FR , ES , IT
Dubbing EN , DE , RU , FR , ES , IT

PEGI rating

Age limit 7 year(s)
Game content descriptors Violence


Platform PS3
Edition Basic


Game and movie series Rayman


Type Game
Platform PlayStation 3
Licence Box


Multiplayer Online


Platform Playstation 3
Code:  MS501b
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  3307215646199
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