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RASPBERRY Pi Original black

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RASPBERRY Pi Original black

The case has specially been prepared for Raspberry Pi miniature computers in versions B +, Rpi 2 B and Rpi 3 B.It provides protection and also fulfills an aesthetic function. It features a classic cabinet for the computer, so there are no cutouts for the output of the connectors. Installation is very easy. You can open the case manually, insert the computer board, and simply close it by snapping it.

Key features

  • Case for Miniature Raspberry Pi Computers
  • Aesthetically pleasing protection of sensitive electronics
  • Outputs ready for connector output
  • Simple installation in a few moments

Parameters and Specifications:

Intended for:
Raspberry Pi in versions B +, Rpi 2 B and Rpi 3 B

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Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  RB-Case+06B
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