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Questions and answers: TREZOR T

This page contains frequently asked questions about TREZOR T. If you are considering buying this product, you may want to read the discussion or ask more questions about TREZOR T. They will be answered by our specialists.
TREZOR T - Hardware Wallet
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Hi Alza Team, We are reaching out to discuss with you the opportunity to collaborate with us on reselling our hardware wallets—BitHD. *About BITHD Hardware Wallet BitHD is a product matrix of 100% open source cryptocurrency hardware wallet solutions, which was initially launched on December 30th 2017. It’s a series of portable, easy-handling and safe hardware wallet providing not only a set of perfect user experiences from BITHD hardware to Bitpie APP, but also the permanent solution cold wallet. We are planning to apply for being listed on the this August. Website: External Link Open source code: External Link We really want you to be our reseller in Czech. Hope our cooperation will bring benefits to both of us. Looking forward to your response! Antony Black Business VP BitHD Team Telegram: Antony_bitpie