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Questions and answers: Smart Charging Station (Lenovo CD-100)

This page contains frequently asked questions about Smart Charging Station (Lenovo CD-100). If you are considering buying this product, you may want to read the discussion or ask more questions about Smart Charging Station (Lenovo CD-100). They will be answered by our specialists.
Smart Charging Station (Lenovo CD-100) - Charging Stand
Smart Charging Station (Lenovo CD-100)
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hi, do you also ship to Italy?
Goodmorning, I would like to ask if the Lenovo CD-100 charging station is available, and if you can deliver to Greece? Thank you
Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to ship this item to Greece.
How can i order the Lenovo CD-100 and get it shipped to the Netherlands and ofcourse wath are the cost in euros then.
Czy mogę zamówić z dostawą do polski(PL)
Do you ship to USA?
does the m10 tablet fit in this dock with the lenovo folio cover still on or does it need to be removed from the cover to fit and charge?
when this will be in stock for UK shipment? I found on Alza in Chech Rep but they not shiping to UK.
I have a Lenonvo tab M10 FHD Plus is this unit suitable ?