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PremiumCord USB 2.0 interface A-B micro 2m white

1060 customers rated
10 000+
customers have purchased
90 %
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Bought this cable for charging Samsung phones, it works just like it should.
Is what it is
really does not carry current when charging
flexible, white color, length, good price
complete satisfaction on both file transfer and charging
I needed a notebook cable <-> phone. In this case, do not be afraid to buy unpacked goods. They are as functional as they wrapped while cheaper.
Huge tip. I do not recommend.
It is great for charging
nothing yet
so Akurat debts
very good thing
It is a cable that is at nom da wrong? Nothing works perfectly. In school, we used it as a lasso, nothing happened to him: -D
Debts flexible price Dobra
Whereas it is white and a quick zzaspin, otherwise 100% spokojnost
fulfills the function
great cable
completely satisfied colleague
without interference.
I am a smaller length suits with cable nezamotava.
Recharging and data OK
I recommend without problems
Compatible with mobile phones, recharges quickly
length price
Super surprise for a length of cable which is not up to the standard length of about 2 m
Cons not
price reliability
Everything OK
Its function is performed on 1čku
functions as ma
Works as intended, hard
niet evaluate ... what serves their purpose
nice white long
What deliver cable and functional
super length, good price and especially maka and charges.
I do not know of any
quality processing
excellent cable, full satisfaction
malleability and adaptability of the optimal length excellent price
Cable works, everything OK.
Plastic around the cable end, I had to cut a knife a bit, because I did not go cord plugged into a phone that has a charging socket recessed in the body (Samsung).
Durable protection against kinking at the ends
Big plastic on the side of the MicroUSB (not engage in Bloody R7 Core2)
Standard quality good price
Good is not a mistake ...
I have nothing against.
fit for purpose
does not work with all devices - from phones charging blackberry, but not me Samsung.Pro cable is too long, another is that it can come in handy.
Attaching the device works. You do not buy for charging.
Length useful for attaching the device further from the PC
Very weak power transmission for recharging
It is simply dlouhý.Pro work on the tablet while charging virtually anywhere in the room is ideal.
Purchased a piece'll complain. tablet during charging restarts working through this cable.
Can not properly charge the iPad and edokáže or transfer data between PC and iPad
Totally inappropriate for the supply of equipment is not capable of stably transmit or 4.5V. I took it for Raspberry Pi B +, which still complained of voltage drop. I tried 4 adapters before I realized that the problem is in the cable ...
Fluctuating voltage
I would like to evaluate if the tears would not send me another cable :(
Meet expectations. Cable basically no problem.
I chose it on the basis REVIEWS
works fast, we will see over time whether in housing starts Lamat, or Kolko vyzdri
Kratky, I thought, of 50 cm is more, it is the same as that of the preceding, but it is my fault that I can not nepozrela Ruler
The cable is completely useless. When you connect it to a charger, so the device thinks it is connected to the computer. When it connect Kindle, immediately turn disconnects.
Does not work for USB connections.
When choosing, I had to choose a longer cable, because it is not a perfect example. Charging during a call or reading emails in bed, but otherwise I'm satisfied.
Short cord suitable for carrying and tangling up.
Sometimes it is after all just thrown a little longer.