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PremiumCord HDMI socket panel 1x HDMI A - HDMI A

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PremiumCord HDMI socket panel 1x HDMI A - HDMI A

With the HDMI socket panel, you will have space in your room for connecting a projector, television or monitor by simply plugging in a standard HDMI cable. The cable will extend a length of 17cm from the panel, so there is no risk of breaking the cable inside the wall. The terminals are gold-plated to avoid significant signal loss. The front panel with the HDMI cable can be removed and snapped into ABB LEVIT sockets and frames.

Key Features of the PremiumCord HDMI Socket Panel 

  • HDMI connection (2 × HDMI type A female)
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Cable length 17cm
  • Compatibility with ABB LEVIT



Video Reversible, HDMI F


Type Clutch
Terminate the connector Straight
Cable length 0.17 m


Colour White
Code:  WD943f29
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  kphdmz01