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Insurance against theft and damage

Extended warranty

Get up to three years of coverage in addition to the standard warranty! We will repair or replace the faulty goods free of charge.
  Extend the standard warranty by up to 3 years.
  We will repair or replace your goods or issue a credit note.
  No need to look for an authorised service centre.
Jana Novotná
Erica Chapman

“"I was very happy with the extended warranty I purchased for my tablet. All I had to do was send it for repair, and they were able to take care of everything for me. "

Kateřina Padevětová
Amber Lawson

"I bought the extended warranty for my laptop, because it was a good deal. About 3 years after I purchased the laptop, everything seemed to go wrong with it, so I was able to use the service. I highly recommend getting the extended warranty. "