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PowerCube Extended Remote SET

€15.85 without VAT

PowerCube Extended Remote SET

Get an elegant PowerCube Extended Remote Set for your home or office.

The PowerCube Extended Remote Set is a unique solution, which acts as a remote-controlled extension lead and Multipair. with its attractive design and modern curves, it will become a really eye-catching and attractive feature in your home or office. The modern colour combination will fit perfectly into every interior.

The PowerCube Extended Remote Set offers 4 sockets (250V ~, 16A, 3680W), an ON/OFF function, a REMOTE CONTROL, a 1.5m extension cable, a dock, a child lock and grounding. The sockets are not blocked and will not interfere with each other. It can be easily combined with other versions of the PowerCube.

Why is the PowerCube Extended Remote Set Unique?


The sockets are practically distributed, so they can all be used at the same time. Plugged devices will never interfere with each other, as they can do with conventional extension cables or hubs. Complications won't arise, even when connecting non-standard inputs like adapters or battery chargers.


Conveniently connect 4 electrical devices. The Extended REMOTE version lets you bring your power source closer to your chosen location. It can be combined with other PowerCube versions.


Because of its modern design, the PowerCube will really enrich your interior. PowerCube products have received several awards, Most notably, the Red Dot Design Award.

At the Touch of a Button

PowerCube hubs come with an innovative new Powercube EXTENDED REMOTE. The main feature of the "REMOTE" product line is the large orange button, which you can use to control all features of the PowerCube. With one button, you will be able to connect the PowerREMOTE to your PowerCube and then either connect it to a power source or disconnect it from a power source.

Remote Control

Take advantage of the latest technology for a truly smart home! Control your sockets remotely!
The PowerREMOTE can be connected to any number of PowerCube devices, to control the whole house, apartment or office from one place and at the same time.


The remote control does not need batteries, the signal is transmitted by simply pressing the button. Range is up to 25m.

Nano Pad

A nano pad is used to easily attach the controller to any surface. You will be able to dis-attach and re-attach the device an unlimited number of times.

Control Me with your Feet

The unique step-on button on the PowerREMOTE allows you to turn the PowerCube REMOTE on or off by pressing a button with your hand or foot.


What really makes the PowerCube REMOTE unique, is the way that it connects. Pair several remote controls with one PowerCube REMOTE, or several PowerCube REMOTEs with one PowerREMOTE. The principle is always the same. Just press the PowerCube REMOTE button for 5 seconds until the LED flashes, then press the button on the PowerREMOTE. Repeat this step for each PowerCube REMOTE or PowerREMOTE.


The PowerCube comes in a variety of colours and designs. By simply connecting with other PowerCube products, you can create the combination that suits you the best. Choose how many electrical outlets and USB ports you need to power your electrical devices.

Place Anywhere

The PowerCube Extended REMOTE has a 1.5m extension cable.

Place it on the table, under the table, or on the wall - or wherever it will be easiest to access. The Extended REMOTE version includes a mounting dock for easy placement. If you need to change the location of attachment, simply remove the tape and place it elsewhere.


All PowerCube variants are thoroughly tested and certified according to strict criteria. The products are grounded and contain a child lock. Each PowerCube is made of high-quality and durable ABS plastic for greater safety.

Key Features:

  • Mounting dock
  • Modern design
  • 1.5m extension cable (1.5mm thick)
  • Connect up to 4 electrical devices at a time
  • Pairing option with remote control (included)
  • Eliminate blocking options for individual sockets
  • The controller does not need batteries, the signal is transmitted by simply pressing a button
  • Child safety lock

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Power supply

Supply Fork Type E, Extension cords

Number of outputs

Number of outputs 4


Type Extension cord
Cable length 1.5 m


Colour Grey

Current load

Maximum current load 16


Equipment Switch, child lock


Number of sockets 4 ×
Code:  NZE301s
Warranty: 24 months
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