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PopSocket Black Aluminium

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PopSocket Black Aluminium

Genuine PopSocket Black Aluminium Holder is a brilliant phone accessory that can be used as a grip when writing messages, playing games, or taking a selfie. It also serves as a stand for your mobile if you want to shoot videos, watch movies and more. PopSocket simply attaches to your phone. Then you just have to "pop" it out to use it. PopSocket is available in many colour variations with interesting ornaments. Combined with the PopClip holder, you can attach your PopSocket-attached phone to almost any vertical surface. Then you just have to "pop" it out to use it.

Key Features of the PopSocket Black Aluminium Universal Holder

  • Wide range of uses from stability when reading or making a selfie for a more comfortable viewing of the movie
  • Easy to use
  • PopSocket Black Aluminium has a cool design
  • It serves as a stand for your mobile
  • It can be attached to most phones
  • Attention! Popsocket will not stick on silicone surfaces and waterproof coatings
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Phone-mount attachment Adhesive layer
Code:  POPSO43
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  POP 101141
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