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Polaroid MC UV 72mm

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Polaroid MC UV 72mm

The Polaroid UV filter is a great tool especially for outdoor photography. It absorbs ultraviolet radiation and reduces the bluish tinge of daylight, giving the image optimum colours. The multilayer surface reduces surface reflections, preserves neutral colours and light transmission. The UV filter does not affect colour or contrast changes, so you can combine it with other filters.

Key features

  • Reduces bluish tinge
  • Preserves realistic colours
  • Protects the lens
  • Minimises surface reflections and glare

Excellent protection

The filter also serves as effective lens protection against adverse effects that could damage the surface of the lens. The filter prevents dust, moisture, and water drops from entering the lens, and provides extra protection in situations where something could scratch the sensitive surface of the lens. The filter ring is made of solid aluminium alloy with expansion resistance at temperature changes.

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Filter type

Filter type Neutral filter, UV filter, Protective filter


Filter diameter 72 mm

Other features

Filter Design Classic
Code:  PLR027a8
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PLFILUV72
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