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Polaroid CPL 72mm

€14.23 without VAT

Polaroid CPL 72mm

The Polaroid polarising filter reduces glare, ghosting, and unwanted reflections. It filters glare reflected by glossy non-metallic objects, such as glass. It greatly increases the saturation of the sky and leaves, but also clears the haze in landscape shots. Unlike the linear polariser, the circular polarisation filter supports full autofocus and exposure. The filter is made of optical glass and has an aluminium filter ring for higher rigidity and expansion resistance at temperature changes.

Key features

  • Reduces glare and reflections
  • Brightens landscape shots
  • Clears landscape shots
  • Aluminium frame ring
  • Ideal at a 90° angle from the sun


Filter type

Filter type Polarising filter, Circular filter, Lens filter


Filter diameter 72 mm

Other features

Filter Design Classic
Code:  PLR026a8
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PLFILCPL72