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Insurance against breakage and theft

Anti-theft insurance

You don't have to worry. With anti-theft insurance, you can relax wherever you are.
It can happen to anyone! Don't take the risk of having your valuable electronics stolen and being left empty handed. Protect your valuable smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and other devices with us.
Insuring your new electronics against theft for 1 or 2 years with 0% liability will give you extra peace of mind.
The service also covers damage caused by the theft of items that the person has in their possession during a robbery (items stolen during a pickpocketing or mugging) or the burglary of an apartment or building suitable for permanent housing.
It doesn't matter where the theft happens, the insurance covers you worldwide.
Alza is not an insurance liquidator and is not responsible for how the insured event will be solved by the insurance company.