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PLASTY MLADEČ 1.75mm PLA 1kg pearl blue

€17.66 without VAT

PLASTY MLADEČ 1.75mm PLA 1kg pearl blue

The pearl blue Plasty Mladeč printing filament for 3D pens and printers boasts the perfect properties to make high-quality 3D objects. There are no bubbles and no dangerous odours. It eliminates the possibility of filament jams. Thanks to its low demands, PLA is a popular choice for home printers. You'll surely appreciate that the material is biodegradable and allows you to print large objects. If you want to achieve interesting results without any complications, just choose the appropriate colour and start printing.

Key Features

  • PLA filament ideal for home 3D printing
  • No bubbles and dangerous odours
  • Minimal chances of filament jams
  • Suitable printing temperature of up to 200-220°C
  • Biodegradable material
  • Heated bed not needed
  • Also suitable for printing large objects
  • Distinctive colour



Colour Blue


Material PLA


String diameter 1.75 mm


Weight 1 kg


Max. Nozzle Temperature 215 °C
Pad Temperature 60 °C
Flex 2 - low
Temperature Resistance 2 - low
Code:  PMD010b
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  F175PLA_BLP
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