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Pico Goblin

Pico Goblin

New Generation VR Glasses

2018 will mark the arrival of glasses for virtual reality. With Pico Goblin, you can even forget about annoying cordsor inserting a smartphone. The glasses have a built-in computing unit.

HW Equipment

The glasses consists of a 5.5" TFT LCD with a fine resolution of 2 560 × 1,440 dots. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and the 16GB of eMMC serve as storage.

Versatile Use

Pico Goblin virtual reality glasses are not only suitable for spectacular home entertainment but can also serve as a way to give a non-traditional presentation of your business.

Custom Apps and Games

The Glasses are powered by a remarkably modified Android system. That's why you cannot use typical apps from the Google Play Store, but you need to use Pico's official store. More than 70 interesting apps and games are currently available.

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Key Features of the Pico Goblin VR Glasses

  • They are new on the VR glasses market.
  • They do not need any smartphone or computer to function.
  • Own shop sells over 70 applications.
  • It has a weight of approximately 500g.
  • The 3DOF remote control is also included.


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Code:  PIvr02
Warranty: 12 months
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