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Philips Series 3000i AC3259/10 with connection to Air Matters app

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Philips Series 3000i AC3259/10 with connection to Air Matters app

Healthier air with Philips

Philips Series 3000i Air Purifier

Allergen mode with connection to Air Matters app

Connect to clean air. The innovative Philips air purifier automatically monitors the air quality and purifies it by using advanced technology. Smart Air Matters app gives you not only a real-time feedback but also allows you to conveniently control your device remotely. The device features a wide range of modes to choose from - from extra quiet "Sleep" mode to "Turbo Speed" mode. Allergic people can rely on effective removal of airborne allergens.

Suitable for rooms up to 95m2

Ideal for rooms of up to 47m2

Long-term removal of ultra-fine particles and allergens

Long-term removal of ultra-fine particles and allergens

Application control

Application control

AeraSense technology

AeraSense technology

Benchmarked against a professional-grade sensors, Philips AeraSense technology is highly effective in sensing even the slightest changes in the indoor air conditions. It continuously monitors the air and automatically adjusts the fan speed when it detects a change in particles. 

VitaShield IPS

The advanced technology with aerodynamics design and extra powerful NanoProtect Filter boosts clean air delivery to 393m3/hr,  and effectively removes particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Number of possible settings

Number of possible settings

The Philips 3000i Series has 3 automatic purification settings: a General mode, an extra-sensitive Allergen mode, an extra powerful  Bacteria and Virus mode. In addition, you can select 5 manual modes: from quiet "Sleep" mode to powerful "Turbo Speed" mode.

Allergen mode

The specially designed Allergen mode is very effective in removing common airborne allergens. When the purifier detects even the slightest change in air quality,  it will boost its cleaning performance to remove allergens in the air. 

Allergen Mode
Visualized air quality

Visualized air quality

In real-time, innovative AeraSense technology shows you the PM2.5 level via a numerical display and a color ring on the dashboard of the air purifier. It's simple: the blue colour indicates a good pollution and particle level, the red one indicates heavy pollution. 

Allergen control management advice

Based on the indoor and outdoor air quality and pollen levels, the app gives you advice to help you manage your exposure to allergen or bad air.


Indoor and outdoor air quality information

Indoor and outdoor air quality information

Aerodynamic design to support efficient airflow

Aerodynamic design to support efficient airflow

5 fan speeds

5 fan speeds

Technical Specifications

Design and finishing



Colour of control panel


Material of main body



Filters out PM2.5


CADR (cigarette smoke)

393 m3/h

Filters out bacteria


Room size


Technical specifications

Cord length


AeraSense technology





220 - 240V


11 ~ 60W

Stand-by power consumption


Weight and dimensions

Product weight


Weight including packaging


Product dimensions (L x W x H)

366 x 340 x 698mm

Packaging dimensions (L x W x H)

474 x 340 x 798mm

Air quality control
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Mobile application Yes
Power consumption 60 W
Air power 393 m3/hour
Recommended room size 47 m2
Maximum noise level 64 dB(A)
Minimum noise level 33 dB(A)


Filters HEPA, Carbon


Function Timer, Power regulation, Display, Night mode, Automatic mode, Child lock
Code:  PHICV021
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  AC3259/10