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Philips Series 2000 Humidifier with NanoCloud HU4813/10 technology

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Philips Series 2000 Humidifier with NanoCloud HU4813/10 technology

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Philips Series 2000 Humidifier

with NanoCloud technology

Philips Air Humidifier with NanoCloud technology is the perfect choice for your bedroom or children's room. Choose the humidity that is most enjoyable to you and your loved ones, and the device automatically maintains the preferred humidity level. All without water in the appliance and without creating water vapor or wet stains in your home. If the humidifier is without water, it will instruct you to fill the tank with a red light signal and turn off itself.

Suitable for rooms up to 44 m2

Suitable for rooms up to 44m2

It evenly expands the humidified air

It evenly expands the humidified air

Evaporation system with NanoCloud technology

Evaporation system with NanoCloud technology

NanoCloud technology

NanoCloud technology

Unique Philips NanoCloud technology provides triple protection against bacterial infections. The absorbent filter on the humidifier captures large particles such as human hair or animal hair and dust while absorbing dry air. The advanced evaporation system then hygienically hydrates the air without transmitting bacteria. From the humidifier, the healthy air is evenly expanding into the room, which breathes in pleasantly.

Automatic humidity setting

Automatic moisture setting allows you to maintain its constant level. Select the 40%, 50% or 60% target moisture level and the device automatically turns on or off to achieve the desired level. The Smart Sensor allows accurate adjustment and gives you the current numerical expression of the room moisture level.

Automatic humidity setting
Special sleep mode

Special sleep mode

In Sleep mode, the humidifier runs at the minimum noise level and all lights except the speed indicator are off. In this setting, you can maintain the desired moisture level even if you are sleeping.

99% lower bacterial spread

After evaporation, the water molecules are very small, and so they deliver less bacteria to the air. Our laboratory tests have confirmed that NanoCloud technology delivers 99 percent less bacteria to the front of ultrasonic humidifiers.



When the timer is used, the humidifier runs for the set number of hours, and automatically shuts off after that time. The timer is set to 1, 4 or 8 hours.

Easy cleaning

You can easily wash the individual parts of the humidifier very easily, both inside and outside. Maintenance of the water tank is very easy. The air humidifier does not have a heating plate, so there is no need to remove water.

Easy cleaning
Easy-fill tank

Easy-fill tank

Refilling the water into the humidification tank has never been easier. Transfer the appropriate part directly under the tap or use any container. "Max" indicates the ideal water level. The light on the display reminds you when the water needs to be lowered. In addition, the appliance automatically switches off without water.

Moistening without wet stains and white powder

Moistening without wet stains and white powder

Without water heating - no risk of burns

Without water heating - no risk of burns

3 fan speeds

3 fan speeds

Quiet sleep mode without lights

Quiet sleep mode without lights

Technical Specifications

Design and execution


Black, silver

Control panel color


Type of control panel


Material of the main body


Weight and dimensions

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

249 x 249 x 339 mm


Moisture filter



Capacity of the water tank

2 L

The cable length

1.6 m


220 V


Humidification rate

300 ml / h

Room size

44 m2


34 dB (A)


Fan speed

Sleep mode, Auto mode

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Mobile application No
Humidification capacity 300 ml/hour
Recommended room size 44 m2
Water tank capacity 2 l
Noise 34 dB


Function Timer, Moisture maintaining, Moisture measurement


Colour Black


Depth 249 mm
Width 249 mm
Height 339 mm

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Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  HU4813/10
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