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Philips Series 2000 Air Purifier with Allergen mode AC2887/10

€324.04 without VAT

Philips Series 2000 Air Purifier with Allergen mode AC2887/10

Philips Series 2000 Air Purifier

with an extra-sensitive Allergen mode

Philips Series 2000 air purifier with an anti-allergen mode will fill your home with a healthy and breathable air. Its innovative AeraSense technology can recognize even very small, 0.02 µm harmful particles and adjusts the room air quality as needed. It also provides you with real-time feedback on the current air quality using a numeric display. The device automatically notifies the user, whenever a filter replacement is needed, in order to ensure that the cleaning is always effective. In the sleep mode, it reaches very low noise levels for comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

Suitable for rooms up to 79m2

Long-term removal of ultra-fine particles and allergens

3 Auto modes: General, Allergens, Bacteria and Virus

AeraSense technology

Its AeraSense technology can be compared to professional sensors. It measures and, if necessary, adjusts the air quality in rooms up to 79m2, so you can always be sure that you breathe fresh air.

Smart light control

The air quality index and the UI light indication can be dimmed or deactivated to avoid light disturbance.

Vitashield IPS technology

This innovative multi-phase VitaShield IPS technology filters up to 99.97% of particles*. It can handle very fine particles of dust and pollen, as well as bacteria and viruses. It also effectively reduces harmful gases such as formaldehyde or toluene and provides cleaner, healthier indoor air without the use of unnatural chemicals or ozone.

Healthy air guaranteed

The device notifies you whenever the filter replacement is needed. Its lifespan is determined by the degree of internal pollution, air flow and time of operation. If the filter is not replaced in time, the device automatically stops working, in order not to run with no effect.

Real-time feedback

Stay informed about the current air quality in your room. The PM2.5 numerical indicator along with the 4-point colour display will give you an instant response.

Low noise level

Its extremely quiet operation guarantees you a comfortable sleep. Simply switching to the silent mode reduces fan speed to 20.5dba - silent as a whisper. You can also switch off the light controls at night.

3 automatic modes

Customize the air purification according to your current needs. The device features three automatic settings: a General mode, an extremely sensitive Allergen mode, and an extremely effective Bacteria and Virus mode.

* Removes 99.97% of particles: Tested by a third-party laboratory in 2015.

Intelligent light control

Aerodynamic design to support efficient airflow

Low noise level and quiet mode

5 fan speeds

Based on a clinical test conducted by the ECARF Institute (one of the world's leading allergy research organizations), people, who suffer from pollen allergy, have shown significantly weaker symptoms of pollen allergy, such as sneezing, tearing, red eyes, nose irritation and cold. *
* After 90min exposure to Philips air purifiers, in comparison with exposure with no filtering - clinically tested by the ECARF Institute.

Technical Specifications

Design and finishing

Air quality sensor

Fine particles Aerasense PM2.5 sensor

Fan Speed Indicators

Quiet, Speed 1, 2, 3, Turbo

Material of main body


Colour of control panel


Weight and dimensions

Packaging dimensions (LxWxH)

412 x 294 x 612 mm

Product dimensions (LxWxH)

359 x 240 x 558 mm

Weight incl. packaging


Weight of product



Cord length


Effective area

27 ~ 79 m2


50 / 60 Hz


11 ~ 60 W

Sound level

20.5 ~ 51 dB (A)


220-240 V


AC Filter


HEPA filter



Filters out PM2.5

> 99% (in 1hr)

CADR (formaldehyde)


Filters out viruses

99.99% (in 0.5hr)

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Mobile application No
Air power 333 m3/hour
Recommended room size 79 m2
Maximum noise level 51 dB
Minimum noise level 21 dB


Filters HEPA, Carbon, Prefilter


Function Timer, Display, Night mode, Automatic mode

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Code:  ETT002o
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  AC2887/10