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Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520/20

€72.88 without VAT

Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520/20

Philips OneBlade Pro

Philips shaver and trimmer

Discover an entirely new and revolutionary way of shaving and beard trimming. Philips OneBlade is a hybrid trimmer that handles trimming and shaving beards, whatever their length. Create precise lines and shapes exactly to your liking. You will no longer need several tools for trimming, cutting and shaving beards - OneBlade will handle everything.

Innovative OneBlade technology

Do you like to change the style of your beard? Philips OneBlade is the perfect choice for you. Unique OneBlade technology combines fast-moving blades - up to 200 times per second - with dual protection. With this it can shave beards of any length without injury or irritation.


Using a 14-piece cutter from 0.5 to 10mm, you cut your beard to the desired length - from one-day stubble to short-cut to a longer beard.

It shapes

Enjoy perfect shaving, trimming and shaping without injuries. You can use it for both dry and wet hair.

Perfect lines

Get lined up to perfection with this shaver's precise control. Create any design you like.

Reversible blade

Shape your beard in any direction and create clean lines.

Ridge extension

Achieve even shaving with a 14-piece comb extension.

Operation up to 90 minutes

Charging takes approximately 60 minutes, and Philips' OneBlade lasts 90 minutes.


Philips OneBlade, unlike the classic razor blade, does not shave the upper layer of the skin and therefore does not irritate your skin. It will completely rid you of any long beard.

OneBlade's rugged blade

OneBlade's highly resistant blades guarantee long lasting results. Their replacement is recommended by the manufacturer once every 4 months(attwo full uses per week). In addition, the exchange is easy, fast, and trouble free.

Digital display

The digital LED display shows that your OneBlade is ready for travel. It alerts you of the low battery status during use and indicates the charging process when it is connected to the network. Thanks to the travel lock you can carry OneBlade with you everywhere.

Wet and dry shaving

This appliance is completely waterproof. When cleaning, it is enough to rinse it under running water. It also allows shaving with foam, but still good even without it - the choice is yours.

Shaving and trimming

Shaving system

Contour copy technology
Double protection system

Cutting system

Contour copy technology

Easy to use




Full-resolution digital display
Fully charged battery indicator
Battery discharge indicator
Charge indicator
Travel lock indicator


Duration of use



Full charge in 1h

Battery type


Automatic Voltage Selection


Maximum power consumption



Ridge extension

Ridge extension with 14 lengths (0.5-10mm)


Charging stand


Travel case



Silver with silver blade


Ergonomic handle and easy handling


2-year warranty

On the handle

Replacement blade QP210, QP220

Replace every 4 months

85 customers rated
2 000+
customers have purchased
90 %
customers recommend



Usage For men

Power supply

Power Accumulator
Operating time 90 min
Charging time 1 hr(s)

Shaving mechanism

Shaving mechanism Planetary

Functions and features

Function Wet shaving, Water resistance, Washability, Trimmer, Digital Display


Colour Silver

Suitable for

Suitable for Wet Shaving


Trimmer type For beards
Usage method Regular usage


Number of inserts 1
Min. cutting length 0.5 mm
Max. cutting length 10 mm
Number of cut settings 14
Controls With the use of buttons


Functions Water-resistant, for use in wet environment , Digital display

Operation and power supply

Operation hours 90 min
Charging time 60 min
Type of power source Battery-powered


Quantity 1 piece(s)

Grinder type

Type OneBlade
Code:  EAT1136n
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  QP6520/20