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Philips Lumea IPL Advanced SC1997/00

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Philips Lumea IPL Advanced SC1997/00

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL

Philips Advanced IPL World

Use on body and face

Are you looking for perfectly smooth skin without needless hair? The Philips World IPLL epilator provides you with the latest IPL technology to get rid of them quickly, comfortably and painlessly - providing up to 75% hair loss after 4 treatments.*
* Measured on legs after initial 4-5 treatments. Individual results may vary.

Advanced IPL SC1997/00

Gentle and long-term hair removal

Advanced IPL SC1997/00

Professional IPL technology developed with dermatologists

Advanced IPL SC1997/00

Safe use of Philips Lumea Advanced IPL SC1997 / 00 and proven efficiency

Advanced IPL SC1997/00

IPL technology

Philips Lumea uses an innovative light-based technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to interrupt the hair growth cycle. Fine lumps of the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Epilator Light after several treatments will prevent hair roots from becoming active again. Philips Lumea Advanced is the culmination of 14 years of research and development in collaboration with leading dermatologists.

Easy to use

IPL technology has been available in specialised salons since 1997. Philips Lumea products are derived from this professional technology and allow you to get rid of the hair easily and efficiently from the comfort of your home.

Advanced IPL SC1997/00
Advanced IPL SC1997/00

Verified efficiency

An objective study demonstrates a significant reduction in hair growth after just three to four treatments with Philips Lumea Advanced IPL over two weeks. To maintain these results, do the treatment again every four to eight weeks according to your individual needs.

Suitable for a wide range of hairs and skin types

The Philips Lumea Advanced epilator can be used to remove facial hair (upper lip, chin and chops) and body parts including legs, armpits, bikini areas, abdomen and arms.

Advanced IPL SC1997/00
Advanced IPL SC1997/00

For use on body and face

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL can be used to remove hair on the face (upper lip, chin and cuts) and body parts including legs, armpits, bikini areas, abdomen and arms.

Quick foot care

Thanks to the wide mouth of the Lumea Advanced IPL SC1997/00, you can treat larger areas like your feet easily and quickly.

Advanced IPL SC1997/00
Advanced IPL SC1997/00

Safe to use for sensitive areas as well

Philips Lumea's new built-in Philips Lum filter provides safe treatment even in sensitive areas such as cheeks, chin and upper lip.

Sensor skin shade

To make your Philips Lumia Advanced IPL SC1997/00 easy to use, the built-in Skin Tone Sensor measures at the beginning of each use the shade of the treated skin. If it detects that it is too dark, it automatically stops the emission of light flashes.

Advanced IPL SC1997/00
Advanced IPL SC1997/00

It does not need accessories or replacements

The Philips Lumea Advanced is a complete solution delivered ready for use. You do not need any accessories, gels or replacements.

5 intensity setting

Philips Lumia has 5 adjustable degrees of intensity to provide a gentle but effective treatment. When properly used, the Philips Lumea IPL treatment is absolutely safe, delicate and can be used on sensitive skin and delicate body parts.

Advanced IPL SC1997/00
Advanced IPL SC1997/00

Comfortable treatment

Scroll mode and flash mode allow comfortable and uninterrupted treatment.

Advanced IPL SC1997/00

5 intensity setting

Advanced IPL SC1997/00

2 body and face treatments

Advanced IPL SC1997/00

Sensor skin shade

Advanced IPL SC1997/00

Long cable

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Power outlet type


Type IPL


Use Face, Legs, Private parts, Back, Body

Features and functions

Functions UV filter, Skin shade sensor
Number of inserts 2
Package Contents Attachments, Case/pouch
Number of extensions 2


Usage Women's


Colour White

Power supply

Power Mains (230V)

Functions and features

Number of extensions 2
Number of flashes 250,000
Number of modes 5
Other functions and features UV filter , Skin shade sensor
Code:  EAT2070f
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  SC1997/00