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Philips GC4537/80

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Philips GC4537/80

The Iron Philips GC4537/80 is a perfect choice for infrequent ironing and when you have a lot of clothing to deal with. With its strong 2400 W performance, the iron can instantly reach the right temperature. The iron has a stainless steel soleplate, which is excellent for ironing less delicate cloth materials. Its 45 g/min steam output allows you to easily iron even thick and very wrinkled fabrics. When you still keep finding crumpled wrinkles on your curtains or clothes, you will be glad to use the Steam Boost feature that provides a steam output of up to 200 g/min. The iron is well-suited for ironing a large amount of clothing, since it frees you from having to constantly replenish the water in its 300 ml water tank. For maximum ease-of-use, the Philips GC4537/80 includes a 2 m long power cable.

Philips GC4537/80 Key Features

  • Durable soleplate made of stainless steel
  • Steam performance 45 g/min
  • Provides and extra Steam Boost of 200 g/min
  • Cable length - 2 m
  • Features an anti-calc system, which means you can safely use standard tap water

Philips GC4537/80 Steam Iron Additional Functions

One great advantage of this iron is its anti-calc system, which means that you can use untreated tap water instead of distilled water. The Anti-Drip system adds ease-of-use when ironing delicate fabrics at lower temperatures, since many irons tend to leak water.


Iron type

Iron type Steam


Features Decalcification, Anti-drip system


Soleplate material Stainless steel
Steam output 45 g/min
Power consumption 2,400 W
Steam boost 200 g/min
Reservoir volume 300 ml
Cable length 2 m


Colour White, Black, Yellow

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Code:  PHIZE706
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  GC4537/80