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Philips DuoPack MG5740/15 + OneBlade QP2520/20

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Philips Series 5000 MG5740/15 - Trimmer
Philips Series 5000 MG5740/15
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Philips DuoPack MG5740/15 + OneBlade QP2520/20

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Philips DuoPack
Multi-purpose waterproof 12in1 trimmer and hybrid trimmerMG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

Enhance your style with a set of trimmers that allow multifunctional care for beards, hair and body hair, thanks to the Philips multi-purpose trimmer and the Philips OneBlade hybrid trimmer . The set includes 12 precision attachments for a multi-purpose trimmer, including 8 combs . The trimmer gently and effectively handles hair in the ears and nose . High -quality self-sharpening blades rub gently against each other during operation and thus remain extremely sharp for an extremely long time . The unique set allows you to cut your hair, beard and body hair, whether you prefer dry or wet shaving. With OneBlade fine-tune your beard and facial curves with a unique double-sided blade and 3 comb extensions for beards of various lengths, even in the shower . Both trimmers have wireless operation and ergonomically shaped handles for easy and comfortable use.

Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

Face, hair and body

Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

OneBlade hybrid trimmer

Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

Wet and dry use

Video Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20
Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

Unique DualCut and OneBlade technologies

Enjoy maximum precision thanks to DualCut technology and twice the number of cutting edges on the 12-in-1 multifunction trimmer. The self-sharpening steel cutting edges rub gently against each other and grind each other. The result is equally sharp edges even after four years of use.
The Philips OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer features revolutionary technology for facial styling and grooming. It copies the contours of the face, it can cut, shape and shave beards of all lengths all over the face. Thanks to the double protection system, the sliding cover in combination with the rounded tips, shaving is easier and more comfortable. Shaving technology is a fast-moving blade (200 × per second) that is effective even for long beards. Create clean lines in any direction, thanks to a unique blade suitable for sensitive skin, and add a unique style to your look.

Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

Face, hair and body

Conveniently trim and style your face, hair and body with the 12 attachments included in the trimmer, you can use the maximum versatility of the metal trimmer, fine-tune the details of the contour shape and smooth shave with OneBlade thanks to a special double-sided blade.
With a body shaver, you can comfortably shave the area under the neck and on the body thanks to a wide selection of special attachments. The unique skin protection system protects even the most sensitive parts of the body and allows the hair to be cut comfortably up to 0.5 mm . You can remove unwanted hair in the nose and ears easily and comfortably with a special attachment. Use the precision shaver after trimming to fine-tune the edges on the face, chin and neck, then use the hybrid OneBlade for the smallest details, which perfectly copies the curves of the face . Create precise fine lines, shapes and details, change your style as you like thanks to the multifunctional equipment.

Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

Variability of extensions

The multifunctional trimmer includes 8 impact-resistant combs : 2 stubble combs (1.2 mm), 1 beard comb (3 to 7 mm), 3 hair combs (9, 12, 16 mm) and 2 combs per body (3.5 mm). The additional attachment will help you get rid of hair in your nose and ears, or use a precision metal trimmer, precision razor or body attachment . OneBlade, which you can also use in the shower, will add a touch to your styling with 3 comb attachments for beards of different lengths: 1mm attachment for afternoon stubble, 3mm for short trimmed cut and 5mm for longer stubble. A special double-sided blade with a blade moving 200 × per second ensures perfect accuracy . You can shave and trim all parts of the face and beard of different lengths to the final length of your choice.

Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

Water resistance, dry and wet shaving

With the multifunctional trimmer, you can shave dry and wet according to your preferences. You can also use OneBlade for both dry and wet shaving with foam, even in the shower . The choice is yours. After each use, the devices and their accessories can be easily rinsed under running water, OneBlade is waterproof, so cleaning is really easy and fast. A cleaning brush is included in the package for easy maintenance.

Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

Wireless operation

Both trimmers have a powerful Ni-MH battery and are designed for wireless use . You can use the multifunction trimmer for up to 80 minutes without a cord after being fully charged (16 hours). OneBlade guarantees a usage time of 45 minutes when fully charged (8 hours).

Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20
Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20
Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20
Zastřihovač DuoPack MG5740 / 15 + QP2520 / 20

Technical specifications

Trimmer packaging

Number of tools


Tools for creating cuts

Metal trimmer, Precision metal trimmer, Precision razor, Nose and ear hair trimmer, Adjustable beard comb, 3 to 7 mm, 2 stubble ridges, 3 hair combs, 2 combs per body

Body treatment / hair cutting / facial care

Long beard, short beard, stubble, sharp lines, fine shaping, goatee

OneBlade package

Comb attachment

3 comb attachments for stubble
(1, 3, 5 mm)


Protective cover


Wet and dry use



Battery type



MG 80 / OB 45 minutes


MG full charge in 16 hours, OB in 8 hours


4-year warranty

MG5740 / 15

2-year handle warranty

OneBlade QP2520 / 20

OneBlade interchangeable heads

QP210, QP220, QP610, QP620; replace every 4 months

Additional specifications



Use Face

Shaving mechanism

Shaving mechanism Planetary

Suitable for

Suitable for Dry Shaving, Wet Shaving


Usage Men's


Trimmer type For beards, For hair, For hair, beard, Body
Usage method Regular usage


Number of inserts 15
Sharp edge material Steel
Min. cutting length 0 mm
Max. cutting length 15 mm
Number of cut settings 18
Controls With the use of buttons


Functions Washable attachments, Self-sharpening blades, Water-resistant, for use in wet environment , Washability

Operation and power supply

Operation hours 80 min
Charging time 960 min
Power Battery
Code:  PHIOB003s
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