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Philips AC3059/50 Series 3000i

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Philips AC3059/50 Series 3000i

The Air Purifier Philips AC3059/50 Series 3000i creates fresher air for both you and your family. This useful appliance is recommended for rooms with a size of 48 m2. Its high-quality efficiency is backed up by the air volume power – this purifier works at 400 m3/hour. A key advantage of the Philips AC3059/50 Series 3000i is a HEPA air filter that easily pulls in approximately 99% of all bacteria and allergens. The carbon filter is ideal for neutralising unwanted fumes and odours throughout your home.

Philips AC3059/50 Series 3000i Air Purifier Key Features

  • For areas with a size of 48 m2
  • A HEPA filter eliminates 99% of allergens and impurities
  • A carbon filter eliminates kitchen fumes, unpleasant smells and emissions
  • Added function(s): Air quality sensor, Power regulation, Display, Night mode, Automatic mode and For allergy sufferers
  • Maximum noise level: 70 dB(A), Minimum noise level: 33 dB(A)
  • Air power: 400 m3/hour

Philips AC3059/50 Series 3000i Air Purifier Additional Functions

The intuitive Philips AC3059/50 Series 3000i air purifier has an air quality sensor that monitors the surrounding area. This means that the device always knows when it's time to clean the air in your home. It features a power dial to increase or decrease performance. This is ideal when you need to quickly cool a room or reduce the noise. When you want to turn on the Philips AC3059/50 Series 3000i in the middle of the night, you will be undisturbed thanks to the special night time programme. There is also an intelligent automatic programme that adjusts performance according to the air quality in the room. You can also control the features by using an application for your smartphone.

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Mobile application Yes
Power consumption 58 W
Air power 400 m3/hour
Recommended room size 48 m2
Maximum noise level 70 dB(A)
Minimum noise level 33 dB(A)


Filters HEPA, Carbon


Function Air quality sensor, Power regulation, Display, Night mode, Automatic mode, For allergy sufferers
Code:  PHICV998
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  AC3059/50