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Peach Star Binder Pro PB200-30

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Peach Star Binder Pro PB200-30

Get a binding machine to your house, apartment, or office, and you'll never have to worry about scattered documents. The Peach Star Binder Pro Hand Binder is a manual binding machine with a punch with a solid steel base plate for easy and fast brochure creation and for publication with a flexible plastic spine.

The guides that are part of this binder ensure easier handling and more precise paper punching settings. The bindings are created very easily and at any time, if necessary, can be disassembled again. You can bind up to 350 sheets of A4 80g/m2 in total. The built-in punch in the machine has 21 knives and can handle up to 12 pages at a time.

Using the binder is very simple. All the documents are initially dashed in, then you place the flexible spine into the binder and open it with a binding mechanism. Then, slide your front and rear covers to the open spine. Once the binding mechanism is released, the binding is completed.

Parameters and Specifications:

Binder type:

Number of perforated pages:
12; 80g/m2

Number of perforated laminated documents:

Max number of bound sheets:
350; 80g/m2

Max working width:

Number of cutting knives:

Max spine diameter:
6mm - 38mm



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Binder Type Ring manual


Binding Capacity 350 sheets
Punching Capacity 12 sheets
Max. spine size 38 mm
Code:  PX305a2
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  510913